Monkey See, Monkey Do

Gotta love herd dynamics. Herd dynamics took on a new twist this morning. As usual, Zelda was the first one out so that she could take possession of “her” hay.

Then she decided that she had to roll and started searching for the perfect spot. She rolled, got up and rolled again.

Andy watched with great interest. You could see the wheels turning.  After she had finished, he lowered himself to the ground with much sighing and groaning (he’s a big horse and older, I can relate to the difficulty).

He’s good at rolling — he went all the way over three times before rising to his feet and shaking.

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Then Curly got into the rolling action. She too had a good long roll.

Who says that horses don’t watch and learn?


Cat Friend

When I had my horse, Bogie, at a boarding facility, I discovered he had a real affinity for one of the barn cats. He didn’t much like other horses, but he loved this cat. I would frequently find the cat in his stall, enjoying the snuffling and nuzzling from his oversize  friend.

We don’t have any cats at our barn now — too many coyotes for outside cats — so I don’t know whether my horses would like a cat pet. Freedom loves dogs. He loves to nuzzle them and blow in their fur. Not too many dogs reciprocate this feeling, but he has found a few puppies who will lick his nose!

Lost and found

This week in the Boston area we saw the temperatures range from a balmy 60 degrees to a bone chilling 20. Hunting in these weather shifts is challenging for both horse and human as one day you’re too hot and the next you’re too cold. Helping the horses stay comfortable is key.

Freedom trace clip

First “draft” of Freedom’s trace clip. I’ll play with it until I get it right. Freedom is harder to clip because the color difference between his clipped and un-clipped coat is so drastic that it’s more important to look neat.

During the warm days we had I finally got both horses trace clipped. Usually I’ve gotten this done earlier as I think that trace clipping is a great way to keep your horse from overheating while still leaving enough coat on to keep them warm. For Freedom, it’s essential: he gets so excited and worked up that he can easily become soaking wet and then get very cold.

Zelda doesn’t get as hot. Probably because she doesn’t work as hard!

Why hadn’t I clipped them? This will sound dumb, but I couldn’t find my big clippers. I hadn’t used them since the spring and they were nowhere. I searched both barns from top to bottom. Eventually I found a pair on Amazon (open box return) at a good price and as soon as they arrived? You guessed it! I found the old ones. The new ones are slightly nicer so I suppose it’s a net gain and now I have a spare.

Then I had to wait for a day that was warm enough to give them baths, dirty horses and clipper blades just don’t mix. Finally I had clippers in hand, fresh blades AND a warm day.

Unfortunately, this mislaying of objects has become a disturbing trend. The same thing happened with my tall boots. At the beginning of the season I couldn’t find them. Normally, during hunt season, I keep them in my trailer along with the other things I need for hunting. My dressing room is resplendent with stock ties, jackets, spare bits, hunt bridles for each horse, and a few extra girths, stirrup leathers and saddles. It means that when I load up to go, I know everything is there.

During the “off” season, when I usually ride in paddock boots and half chaps, I usually leave them there or . I have an old, spare pair, but they aren’t really tall enough. After wearing them a few times, I found a really nice pair of Tredstep boots on eBay. Just my size, worn once and less than half of retail. So I bought them.

Guess what? You got it. I found my boots almost immediately.

So now I need to figure out whether this is just a case of brain overload — to many things going on — or old age. Let’s just hope that I don’t misplace anything more important!

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Welcome to the October 2014 Blog Carnival of Horses

Blog Carnival of HorsesWelcome to the October 2014 Blog Carnival of Horses. There are some great posts here, including an inspiring video on how to work two horses simultaneously (Freedom and Zelda take note) and a funny photo from Bromont (back in the day when I used to take photos at horse shows, I got a great photo of a friend of mine falling off her horse. It did not make me popular).

There’s also an interesting post on the economics of equestrian blogging — in other words, do we bloggers make any money by writing about the animals that we love? You may notice that I run WordAds on this blog. It’s WordPress’s version of AdSense. I hope it doesn’t bother any of my readers. I don’t make much money from the ads but they require no attention on my part and every little bit that goes to the horse budget helps.

Back Home in Bromont presents Oops: Lost my Rider posted at Back Home in Bromont saying, “During the Bromont International, I spent 12 hours a day shooting, scrambling to get press photos out and try and get at least one post on my blog of the days events. This went on for three weeks. One night I was getting a bit squirrelly and rather than post the winners of the day, I chose my favourite photo. The caption pretty much says what happened. To my surprise, it was an immediate hit and to this day it receives “likes” and comments on a number of sites. (It still makes me smile every time I look at it) (Oh and the rider was fine. A wonderful person, who’s comment to the crowd was, “My bad!”

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A little pre-hunt excitement

It was a beautiful, cool morning — perfect for hunting. Zelda was obviously feeling a bit excited about the prospect of hunting, so I turned her out to get her sillies out. She really enjoys running around in her field and her friend, Curly, got into it too. You’d never guess that Curly is 22, would you?

Thanks to Suzanne who had her camera with her and was able to take these great photos. I’m sure she was glad to see Zelda get her bucks out as she was the one riding her in the hunt.


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