September Blog Carnival of Horses

Welcome to the September Blog Carnival of Horses! This month we have a great selection of postings from some of my favorite blogs and a whole bunch of new ones that I can already see will become favorites. What this really drives home to me (and which mystifies my spouse) is that when it comes to horses, there is just so much to write about! Thanks to everyone who sent in a post. If you missed the September issue, don’t forget the October Carnival of Horses is just around the corner. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “September Blog Carnival of Horses

  1. *Laugh* I think Enlightened has the right of it – that’s a lot of posts! Should make for some great reading, so I’d better get started…


    The above is my blog address which at the moment is focusing on the training and rehabilitation of a two year-old filly I purchased from a wholesale auction house for the meat market price of $60.oo Upon arrival she was semi-feral and in terrible shape–bots, worms, horrible teeth and feet–and worst of all every bone was showing. I am a dressage rider and trainer but use Natural Horsemanship on all our young horses. Is a you tube of which is a visual description of life at my farm done to a sweet pice of music by Charlotte Church.

    If there is anything you like in this blog and/or you tube please feel free to post them. Many thanks!
    Ainslie Sheridan

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