Did you get your therapy today?

Horses at therapy
Are horses your therapy?

The blog carnival site is temporarily down, so while I’m waiting for that to come back up, here’s a break from our regularly scheduled programming.

For many of us, I suspect, our time with our horses counts as therapy time — time that’s put aside to focus on things that (hopefully) makes us feel happy and centered.

I know that for me, the time I spend at the barn is generally peaceful and rejuvenating.

For one thing, it’s a beautiful place. I never wanted to keep a horse at a “back yard barn” until

Early Morning at the Barn
Every morning I am grateful that my horse lives in such a beautiful place — and that I get to share it.

I found this back yard. Now that I’ve been there for about 12 years, I find it hard to imagine being anywhere else. I love the quiet mornings when the sun is just peeping through the trees. Morning feeds are the best because the horses are always glad to see me.

Even when I don’t ride, I take pleasure in touching the horses, in watching the herd interact and in watching the local wildlife. There are always birds — sometimes owls, many times blue birds or hawks. At times we have foxes that visit and there are always deer.

I know that many of us joke that horses cost less than traditional therapy. I’m not sure that’s actually true but I do believe that having horses in my life keeps me a lot saner and happier than I’d be without them.


2 thoughts on “Did you get your therapy today?

  1. Being with horses transcends is a great way to transcend life worries, the daily news, etc.
    Yes, even when I’m not ridiing, I’m enjoying experiencing the horse relationship – the warm nose, my horse’s gaze as she turns to look at me while I’m massaging her. Yes, sanity indeed!

  2. Yesterday I watched Hudson gallop his heart out (arena turn out), correctly perform sliding stops to the fence, roll back, and chase that imaginary steer down the arena. His sheer joy was so contagious I caught it, and could practically see the steer ducking and weaving. Nothing beats being in the presence of joy…it reminds me of all that is right in the world, that it can be that simple even in complex situations. I got my therapy!

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