Welcome to the April 2014 Blog Carnival of Horses

Blog Carnival of HorsesWell, the Blog Carnival page has been down — starting 15 minutes after I posted the request for submissions, so if you article is stuck in the limbo of that platform, I apologize for not posting it in this issue. I hope that sooner, rather than later, they will get their act together and keep the site up for 30 or 31 continuous days.

In the meantime, please enjoy these hand-collected posts!

Susan presents House Hunter for Horses, posted at Saddle Seeks Horse.

Lauren presents WEF – The “10″ Hunter posted at She Moved to Texas.

Lauren presents WEF – The Finer Things posted at She Moved to Texas.

Jane presents I am a Hero. Obviously posted at The Literary Horse.

Suzanne presents Parenting Just Got Real posted at Confessions of an AA Event Rider and Convicted Overthinker.

Suzanne presents Dirty Girl . . . posted at Confessions of an AA Event Rider and Convicted Overthinker.

Bad Eventer presents How Bad Eventer Missed her Foxhunt posted at Tales from a Bad Eventer.

Amy presents To Lesson or Not to Lesson posted at A Work in Progress.

Fenway Bartholomule presents New Year, Spa Day posted at Brays of our Lives.

Fran presents Dubai Hoofcare: What–and Who– was Underneath the Horses in the World’s Richest Race? posted at Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog.

Hillary presents Faces of Houston posted at Equestrian at Hart.

Corinna presents How to Avoid a Horse Blogger Giveaway that Breaks the Law posted at Ribbons and Red Tape.

Debra presents Mission Accomplished: We Slung a Horse posted at the Daily Bray.

L. Williams presents Like Tears in Rain posted at Viva Carlos.

Genny presents Picky Picky posted at The Gift Horse.

Anna Blake presents Dressage on a Rescue: Doing More with Less posted at Anna Blake Blog.

Amanda presents Mud Season Hack posted at An Eventful Life.

Whiskey Ranch-Horse presents A Heart for Helpin Horses: New York City and Beyond posted at County Island.

That’s all for now, folks. I’m not sure that I’ll keep using the Blog Carnival Platform; it may be better just to keep sending submissions to me at lizgo at mindspring.com and I’ll continue to note down blog posts that I like and put them here too.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s carnival!

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