Welcome to the June 2014 Blog Carnival of Horses

Blog Carnival of HorsessWelcome to the June 2014 Blog Carnival of Horses! We have some great blog posts lined up for this month. In fact, with the last leg of the Triple Crown coming up on Saturday, the spotlight is really on the equine community and so many of us bloggers are rooting for him! It’s hard to believe that so many young(er) equestrians haven’t experienced a Triple Crown win in their lifetime, while I was privileged to watch both Affirmed and Secretariat gallop home to victory.

Here are this month’s posts — enjoy!

Susan Friedland-Smith presents Ye Old Jousting Nag, Penelope posted at Saddle Seeks Horse.

Susan Friedland-Smith presents 5 Reasons I’m Fangirling over California Chrome posted at Saddle Seeks Horse.

Jane Clancy presents The Unusual Fruit Tree posted at The Literary Horse.

Tara Choate presents Horse Madness posted at Tara Choate.

She Moved to Texas presents Death of the Equine Photographer? posted at She Moved to Texas.

She Moved to Texas presents Spend it on Him posted at She Moved to Texas.

Tails From Provence
This banner shot for Tails from Provence is one of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen in a long time. Makes me want to move there!

Martine presents Joucas Equifeel, Part 1 and Joucas Equifeel, Part 2 posted at Tails From Provence.

Isa presents Performing the Horse posted at Horses for Discourses saying: ”

The idea that Australians have a special and significant relationship with the horse has been around for a long time. From the 19th century poetry of ‘Banjo’ Patterson to the figure of the stockman in the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the horse features strongly in constructions of Australian national identity. The ‘Horses for discourses’ blog is a place to discuss some of these ideas.

I am a PhD student at the Australian National University in Canberra, and I really enjoy chasing tangents! While the distractions I post on here may not be directly related to my PhD research, they nonetheless allow me to encounter different ideas, which help in shaping my thoughts.”

Whiskey Ranch-Horse presents The Latest Buzz posted at County Island.

Suzanne presents Ghosts of Injuries Past posted at Confessions of an AA Event Rider and Convicted Overthinker.

Fran Jurga presents St. Dunstan and the Devil: Why we Hang Horseshoes over Doors posted at Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog.

Bad Eventer presents Firsts posted at Tales from a Bad Eventer.

That’s it for this edition. Please join us next month and submit your entries by using this form. Thanks for reading!


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