Welcome to the 2014 July Blog Carnival of Horses

Carousel HorseWelcome to the 2014 July Blog Carnival of Horses. I’m sorry to be posting a bit late this month, but we had severe weather here and my Internet connection was down for awhile. I hope you enjoy the posts below as much as I have. I especially love My Freebie, as Lauren was brave enough to put some numbers (or equivalents) around what we all know is more than we’d care to admit.

Thank you to all the bloggers who send in their excellent posts!

Lauren presents A Note to Equine Marketers posted at She Moved to Texas.

Lauren presents My “Freebie” posted at She Moved to Texas.

Poloponyrescue presents But I wanted a horse that was beginner safe! posted at Polo Pony Rescue.

Exploring Dressage Biomechanics presents There’s Something About Mary . . . Wanless posted at Exploring Dressage Biomechanics.

Martine presents Equifeel Regional Championships posted at Tails from Provence saying, “My third ever Equifeel competion and it was the Regional Championships! See how events unfolded…”

Anna Blake presents a Muck Meditation on Swallows posted at Anna Blake Blog.

Tiny Tim presents Rehoming posted at Hooveswho.

Bad Eventer presents Of Course There’s a Bar posted at Tales from a Bad Eventer.

Gwenyth Santagate, PENZANCE Equine Integrative Solutions, presents Lead Your Horse’s Body with your Mind, posted at Training Horses  . . . Naturally

Susan presents Poster Boy for July 12th’s International Helmet Awareness Day posted on Saddle Seeks Horse.

Suzanne presents ARD Sufferer posted at Confessions of an AA Event Rider and Convicted Overthinker.

Amy presents James and the Evil Suckmonster posted at A Work in Progress: One Middle-aged Broad’s Descent Back into Madness.

Shya presents Happy Fleur of July posted at The Flying Shetlands.

Fran Jurga presents The Triple Crown in Hindsight: California Chrome’s Heel Bulb Injury in Pictures posted at Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Blog Carnival of Horses. It seems like the Blog Carnival platform is truly defunct now, so we’ll continue using this form for future submissions.



5 thoughts on “Welcome to the 2014 July Blog Carnival of Horses

  1. Thanks for promoting it on your blog. There are some great posts this month and I hope that all the bloggers who participate get some new readers.

  2. Thanks Liz so much for including my blog, The flying Shetlands! I really appreciate it! I’ve had visitors from around the world!

    Thanks again,

    Shya Beth

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