Welcome to the September 2014 Blog Carnival of Horses

Carousel HorseWelcome to the September 2014 Carnival. I apologize for the delay in putting this together. I was almost caught up after my trip to New York to look after my father and then yesterday during a thunderstorm, our router and cable modem were blown up by a lightning strike.

How many of you, like Katherine, have bought a horse sight unseen? I’ve never gone quite that far, but I do have my own “Horse Hunt Fairy Godmother” who matched me with both Freedom and Zelda. She seems to know far better than I what kind of horse I will like (and those two are as different from each other as can be imagined).

And my condolences to Amy who writes A Work in Progress: A Middle Aged Broad’s Decent Back into Madness who lost her horse Sugar in August. It’s so very hard to lose such a special horse.

So now, with no further delays, here’s this month’s Carnival. Enjoy!

Tara Choate presents Friday Fair & Rodeo posted at Tara Choate.

Tara Choate presents Movie Review: American Mustang posted at Tara Choate.

Tom von Kap-herr presents Denise Wilson wins the CCI Grand Prix posted at Back Home in Bromont, saying “Having moved back to Bromont Quebec last winter, I now photograph all the events for the Bromont Equestrian Park, home to the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games. This summer, by far, the most popular post I did was about Denise Wilson’s win during the Bromont International. I particularly love the photo’s I took of Denise and Winter. Even after looking at them a thousand times, I still feel the excitement of those few short seconds around the ring.”

Shya presents The World Equestrian Games Part I: Kimry Jelen posted at The Flying Shetlands.

Shya presents The Women’s Suffrage Movement and Artist Jill Greenberg posted at The Flying Shetlands.

Shya presents Poster Week! Part 2 – The Hampton Classic Horse Show posted at The Flying Shetlands.

L. Williams presents Horses are 3 Things posted at Viva Carlos.

Katherine presents Mail Order Horse posted at Rodney’s Saga.

Yulia Frolova presents A Stable Full of Logos posted at EquiGeo, saying, “Horses are the most beautiful animals – no wonder many companies depict horses on their logos.”

Suzanne presents Reverse the Curse posted at Confessions of an AA Event Rider and Convicted Overthinker.

Fran Jurga presents Hooves get the White Glove Treatment From Best Shod Horse Judge at Burghley Horse Trials in England posted at Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog.

David Ramey presents Four Questions You Have to Ask Before Letting Anyone Treat Your Horse posted at David Ramey, DVM

Anna Blake presents Needs Confident Rider posted at Anna Blake Blog.

Alli & Dino present By Popular Demand, Some Information about Cushings posted at Ponytude.

Lauren presents Product Review – Horze No Turn Bell Boots posted at She Moved to Texas.

Bad Eventer presents Bad Eventer becomes Bad Dressage-er posted at Tales From a Bad Eventer.

Susan presents What to Say When He (the Chestnut Horse) Comes Back to You posted at Saddle Seeks Horse.

Amy presents Goodbye, my Sweet Girl posted at A Work in Progress: One Middle-aged Broad’s Descent Back into Madness.

That’s all for this month. You can submit your posts at any time for the October Carnival. In the meantime, go riding!




13 thoughts on “Welcome to the September 2014 Blog Carnival of Horses

  1. Thank you for doing this. I appreciate it and enjoy seeing all the wonderful submissions. 🙂

  2. Thanks for including my article on the “Four Questions,” and I’m truly flattered you thought to include it. I hope that they can help horse owners become smart advocates for their good friends!

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