30 Horse Power Plow

30-horse team
Mrs Dwight Misner of Ione OR drove thirty horses pulling a nine bottom plow in 1924 Together they were able to turn 24 acres a day. This photo was posted on Facebook by Terry McCormmach. On the thread, Kelly McCormmach reported that her Grandfather told them they started hitching the team at 2 a.m. That’s quite a task. And quite an impressive amount of acreage they were able to plow.

3 thoughts on “30 Horse Power Plow

  1. I just showed my dad the 30 horse plow. He was born on a farm in Denmark and learned to plow with 2 horses as a kid. His first reaction was: “wow that setup is almost 90′ long so it will take 1/2 a football field to turn them – that is if they agree to turn the same way” 🙂
    I guess the old man is right. Again!

    1. They must be very well behaved. It would be a disaster if a few of them decided they didn’t want to do it. I’m not really sure why they would need 30 horses. I would have thought that it would be better to have smaller teams but swap out the horses after a couple of hours. Maybe it takes too long to hitch them.

  2. It took 30 for sure. In this time period everything was as efficient as possible. Some combine hitches were 33 and 34 mule or horse teams. I don’t get too excited about saddles or tach. In fact the last horse I made ready was obsoleted by age 9, 1956, by a Harley Davidson Hummer and or Ranger

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