Pole work inspiration

If you thought ground poles were boring, check out these layouts. This is inspiring me to set up some grids in the outdoor!


2 thoughts on “Pole work inspiration

  1. This is an awesome idea to make boring ground work fun again and really teach horses and riders timing and how to lift their feet! I wish we had done fun stuff like this … boring dressage made me become a sole “I wanna have fun, let’s go for a hack” rider, which ultimately led to the demise of my proper form 😦

  2. Call me a wus, but I love trotting over poles. Like if there were a horse show class of just poles and various combinations, I would look into it. But along with that, Knight has really gotten good over poles in the last few months and it’s transferred over to his jumping. We’re still doing baby Xs and small verticals because he was waay overjumping and always taking the long spot. He’s learned he can be relaxed and not have to use so much energy. It’s awesome. Thank you to all the poles!

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