Burghley XC takes casualties

Going into today’s cross-country course at Burghley, riders were already talking about how tough the course would be. That proved to be correct. Out of 64 starters, just 33 made it through the finish flags; 22 added no jumping faults; and only one horse and rider combo — Piggy French on Vanir Kamira — made the time

Burghley has a live stream with on demand viewing here. But so far the only available videos are for dressage. The video below shows a preview of the course and I’m guessing the cross country videos will be posted soon.

Burghley XC map
Here’s a map of the Burghley XC. You can view details about the individual fences on https://burghley-horse.co.uk/three-day-event/cross-country
Pippa Funnel and MGH Grafton Street led after dressage.
Pippa Funnel and MGH Grafton Street led after dressage.

Going into show jumping, Pippa Funnel held onto her lead after dressage, but just barely. She has a .1 advantage over Piggy French, who led after dressage. That’s a lot of pressure going into the final day!

Burghley Results after XC
Here are the results after Cross Country.

Tune in tomorrow for show jumping!

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