Trying a Ghost Heritage

Ghost Heritage

I’ve posted photos of my Ghost Quevis before — it’s a tiny treeless saddle that’s very close contact and minimal. I recently purchased fenders for it (more about that later), but in the meantime, I came across a screaming deal on a Cavillin Heritage, one of the newest models from Camillo Cavallin, who is one […]

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Oh Deer!

Deer in the grass

It used to be that the deer would run away when they saw you. Not any more. Some of them, like thisĀ  deer (photo courtesy of Lindsay, since Curly is better at standing still when a deer pops up out of the grass than Zelda), stand their ground. I saw what appeared to be the […]

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The Birds — Barn swallows, that is

Barn swallows

At this time of year, walking through the barn brings back memories of Hitchcock’s The Birds. Territorial barn swallows dive bomb you, coming so close to your head as you walk down the aisles that the breeze of their wings makes your hair fly. I know they’re protecting their nests. But seriously? I’m starting to […]

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Summer is here and the horses are in heaven

Enjoying the grass

Summer is here and the girls are enjoying their time out on the grass. At the end of the day they wait patiently at the gate to be allowed on to graze. They are good about it, though. Grain still trumps grass so they come back when it’s dinner time. This really looks like horse […]

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Need another reason to wear a helmet?


This image and the story below is from Elaine Ward, who posted it to Riders4 Helmets. Back in 2010 when Courtney King-Dye was injured, many of us in Ontario Canada felt compelled to wear a helmet even though we were showing FEI Level. It was to show our support for Courtney, and it also really […]

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Expanding my territory

our ride

By most objective standards, I’ve recovered from my fall. I’m riding again, I rarely feel like I’m going to lose my balance and trip, my ankle doesn’t hurt most of the time and I have almost regained the full range of motion in my shoulder. The mental aspects of recovery take longer. Hunting again was […]

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Rings and Riders don’t Mix

expandable ring

Granted, I’ve been more cautious since my accident, but my latest concern has been about jewelry. As the weather here has gotten warmer, I noticed my rings was getting tighter. To the point where I wasn’t sure I could get my engagement ring off without a considerable struggle. That got me thinking. Could I get […]

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