One step at a time

Snazzy cane

For the last week, I’ve been feeding my horses.  This may not sound like a big deal but for me, it involves walking over uneven ground while carrying things — flakes of hay, bags of grain and either a crutch or my snazzy new cane. So far, so good. It’s great to see the horses […]

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Taking the Winter Off

When I was a kid, most horses got the winter off. Indoors were a rarity and while I can remember riding bareback on fuzzy, fat horses, no real work was done. The theory was that the mental break did them good and, as long as they kept moving, the rest helped their bodies too. These […]

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Fully Weight Bearing . . . as tolerated


This past Tuesday, my orthopedic doctor pronounced my bones healed. All limbs, including the lagging knee, were 100% weight bearing. I was cleared to walk, drive, even ride my horse. In theory, I could throw my crutches off and sprint to the car. But, of course, there is the fine print, which reads, “as tolerated.” […]

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Standing Wraps or Polos?

Standing wrap

One thing that we horse people are good at is wrapping a leg, or a pastern or an ankle. Standing wraps, polo wraps, all that practice makes it very handy when you need to wrap your ankle. I can get it just right. Not too tight, not too loose. Personally, I’ve  never been a fan […]

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Dealing with Stall Rest (the Human Kind)

Stall Rest

Knock on wood, my horses haven’t had to be on stall rest. In fact, I don’t know what I’d do if Freedom injured himself in a way that required containment. I haven’t kept him in a stall since the very first day I brought him home, almost 14 years ago. That night he weaved so […]

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Destination Barn

First time back

This week we had two days where the temperatures were higher than 70 degrees. I was particularly grateful for the first day, Tuesday, when I had a doctor’s appointment and had to do my first excursion. Wednesday was a bonus day and my husband took me to visit the horses. Leaving my house is not […]

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More Safety Stirrup Choices

Acavallo Arena

Picking up from yesterday’s post, here are a few more options for safety stirrups. One the options I find very interesting is the Acavallo Arena. This design features the hinge at the bottom of the stirrup rather than the top. The stirrup bow is made of aluminum, while the opening arm is made of a […]

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Safety Stirrups go High Tech – Part 1

Copes Safety Stirrup

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my accident. Of course, I wished I’d stopped riding five minutes earlier. Or had only ridden Freedom. But the other thing that I’ve puzzled over is how I fractured my right knee. The injuries on the left side are easy to understand. Zelda and I both fell […]

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