Happy Thanksgiving




Foxhunting through the years

I created this collage a few years ago using an Victorian-era postcard as the primary image. I have a lot of these old postcards and it always amazes me how little has changed about foxhunting . . . with the exception that many of us no longer chase a real fox, it’s remarkable how little else has changed.

Dreaming of hunting

Dreaming of hunting
Wow, this vintage print from La Vie Parisienne nails it for me. I am certainly dreaming of hunting! We are actually supposed to have our first hunt on April 15th. Hard to believe when there’s still snow on the ground. I am trying to stay optimistic about it, even though I haven’t been able to ride for nearly a week. Freedom, at least, keeps himself fit. He won’t have any trouble with spring cubbing. It’s me who needs to get a lot fitter between now and then.

Two new antique postcards

I have been collecting antique postcards (printed and mailed before 1920) for awhile now. I particularly like the cards that are postally used. I like the hand writing, the stamps, the postmarks — to me they make the card far more interesting.

Recently I bought two cards that I’d been eying for awhile. They are hunting prints, which I like the most. I will probably use them in future collages, but in the meantime, here they are in their glory. These both feature writing on the front of the cards, something which was much more common when the back of the cards were not divided. When postcards were first issued, they had only a blank reverse side which was used for the addresses.

Vintage postcard Italian
This card was mailed to someone in Venice in 1904.
Antique postcard hunting scene
This card was mailed from Budapest in 1905.