Thread the Needle

Driving at the FEI level is a hair raising sport. These teams are on the razor edge of precision and speed.

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The Best View Ever

Sunne, Sweden
Sunne, Sweden

I think we can all agree that the view between a horse’s ears is about as good as it gets. If you agree, you are sure to love the Facebook page As Seen Through Horses’ Ears.

The Egg Hatchery, Farmington, New Mexico
The Egg Hatchery, Farmington, New Mexico

Photos are submitted by equestrians around the world, following a simple rule: Photos or videos must be taken through a horse’s ears. You must provide your country and, if relevant, state.

Klappene, Forde, Norway
Klappene, Forde, Norway

The page is completely non commercial and it gives you a fabulous window into what it’s like to ride in such a huge variety of places and gives you a sense of camaraderie with your fellow equestrians.

WrWrangling cattle in Wyoming
Wrangling cattle in Wyoming

I’ve picked just a few of the photos that came up on my feed recently. It’s one of the things I look forward to following every day.


A Peaceful Place

Last of the foliage
We’ve had the first real cold snap of winter this week with overnight lows in the teens. Today was a bit warmer and the light illuminated the last of the fall foliage.
A peaceful place
It’s been a stressful week. My father is recovering from a serious fall and every day brings new challenges. I look forward to the quiet time that I can spend with my horses where I can be in the moment and enjoy the quiet of the early evening. While admiring this spectacular silver birch, I heard a barred owl calling in the distance.


halloween colors
Although I haven’t had the chance to hunt much this season, I’m grateful to have these trees across the street from the barn.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever jumped?

Watching this video made me think about all the things I’ve done on horses but honestly, maybe I’m boring, but I’ve never done anything as crazy as jump a

Jumping over a car
Jumping over a car, especially without a helmet, is not a good idea!

human. I’ve jumped a few things that I probably shouldn’t have — big fences, things we found on the trail (back when I felt immortal), but no cars and no people.

What about you? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with your horse or jumped over?

Watch the Longines World Cup Qualifiers on the Horse Network

Longines World Cup
The Horse Network has been broadcasting each leg of the Longines World Cup qualifier rounds. Enjoy the best of show jumping from your armchair.

Very little of our equestrian sport is broadcast on traditional television. Luckily, live streaming events has become more common. You can watch Burghley TV and see eventers tackle all three phases of the great event. And now you can enjoy all 14 legs  of the Longines World Cup Qualifiers from the comfort of your easy chair.

The Horse Network offers free broadcasts from their Facebook page and from their website. I’ve enjoyed the last three events tremendously. Miss any? No problem! You can watch them on demand.

Here’s the winning ride from last night’s event. And don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday!