The midnight ride of . . . Sybil Ludington

sybil ludington statue

On April 15th, Lincoln, the town where I lived celebrated the alarm and muster of the minutemen. That was the night when Paul Revere rode out from Boston to warn that the British regulars were marching on Concord. What many people don’t realize is that Revere was captured in Lincoln. There’s a monument marking the […]

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And it rained. And rained. And rained some more.

Rain filled feed bowl

It started to rain last night. When I fed the horses this morning it was bone chilling, with sheets of rain falling and the win blowing. Supposedly it was 38 degrees, but it felt a lot colder. I fed extra hay and felt badly when I drove off, thinking not just of the horses but […]

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Tiger Roll wins 2018 Grand National in photo finish

Tiger Roll wins the Grand national

Just as well for Tiger Roll that the finish line came when it did. The 8-year old Irish gelding ridden by Davy Russell won the 2018 Aintree Grand National in a photo finish, holding off a late run by Pleasant Colony. A few more strides and the outcome might have been different! One of the […]

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Ride along with AP McCoy over the Grand National Fences

Grand National Fence Ride

As we head into the Aintree Grand National Weekend, this jockey cam video gives you a great feeling for what those fences are like without the chaos of the race. Ride along with jockey AP McCoy on Hello Bud, an 18-year old chaser. Pretty impressive to be jumping that course at age 18, don’t you […]

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If you had $53 million to spend on your horses . . .

All the Queen's Horses

What would you buy? That’s how much Rita Crundwell embezzled from the town of Dixon, Illinois over the 23 years she worked as the town’s comptroller. By day she was a civil servant. On her own time, she used that money to build a fantasy lifestyle replete with champion quarter horses, custom made saddles and […]

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So, are You Going to Ride Again?


Since my accident, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been asked whether I plan to ride again. Of course, none of the people who’ve asked me are horse people. To them, the answer is obvious. Why would a freak accident and a couple of fractures keep me from doing something I love? […]

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Which Horse are You?

Which horse are you?

Just for fun — which horse are you? Me? I’m a draft-x. A bit of Shire, a bit of Arabian.

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