Back Tracking: Nor’easter reveals historic hoof prints

Ancient hoof prints on Massachusetts beach

Here in New England we’ve been battered by three severe storms in two weeks. The result has been lots of damage, but also something quite magical. At low tide at Nauset beach, the storm exposed a Peat bed, previously covered by sand deposits, and revealed horse and carriage tracks from the late 1800s or early […]

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Sled? What Sled?

After a second nor’easter this week, which dropped nearly two feet of snow, who can blame Freedom for napping in the sun? Normally he’s not too thrilled with sledding nearby, but today he was so blissed out by the relative warmth that he barely even noticed the kids sledding down the hill behind him. Or […]

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Research Shows Mares more likely to have a Sweet Tooth

Zelda the Walmart Greeter

The study team from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland has discovered that horses’ flavor preferences are influenced by gender and breed. The study used 48 adult horses — stallions and mares in equal numbers — for their research. They were Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Polish Konik and Polish cold-blooded horses, all aged over 5. […]

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Therapy Horses

When I was in the hospital, a therapy dog came around once a week. It was a very beautiful Standard Poodle, much like the one I had growing up. But what I really would have liked was some time with a therapy horse. Of course, therapy animals need to be completely bombproof, and there’s a […]

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Can Ruby Walsh Conquer Cheltenham Six Years Running?

Right now I have a special interest in studying equestrians recovering from broken bones.  How long before they rode again? How injured were they? Did it make them more cautious. For example, champion UK jockey Ruby Walsh fractured his tibia at Punchestown in November, but he set his sights on the Cheltenham Festival, which starts […]

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Do you have a license for that Massage?

Equine Massage

Your horse is a little stiff. Last time you felt like that, you felt terrific after you had a massage. The problem? In some states, massage is considered a veterinary procedure and must be administered, or supervised, by a vet. In fact, equine massage is only one service where licensing is becoming an issue. Equine […]

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Because Everyone Loves a Talking Horse

Mr. Ed, the talking horse, was a staple of my childhood. The series ran from 1961 to 1966 — so I must have watched it a bit later than that, but I was still young enough for it to be magical. And not entirely unbelievable. “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and […]

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