The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses

The mustangs

The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses is a beautifully shot documentary that provides a somewhat rose-colored glasses view on the dilemma that America’s wild horses find themselves in today: namely, a fast-growing population that is competing for limited resources and under siege by ranchers, the Bureau of Land Management and unscrupulous dealers who ship the horses […]

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When your horse has a runny nose

This is the time of year when many of us have a cold. But while most of us shrug off a runny nose (unless we’re worried about COVID), when your horse has one, it can be an indication of a more serious illness. Yesterday, Zelda presented with white mucus coming from her right nostril. While […]

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Going into 2022, is Flightline the most exciting horse in racing?

Flightline, ridden by Flavien Prat, cruised home in the Malibu Stakes on Sunday, winning by 11 1/2 lengths on a hand ride. The Malibu was his third win in as many starts and his first Grade 1 stakes. The 3-year old son of Tapit was purchased for $1 million as a yearling, but missed his […]

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Social Media Helps Bring Whisper Home

On December 22nd, between 4-5:30 a.m. someone stole Whisper, a 32″ miniature pony from her family’s farm. The gate couldn’t be opened by a horse. Rachel Johnson found her own horse loose just after 5:30 a.m. on a road near her house, but the mini was gone. There was half a candy cane where the […]

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The Escape Artist

Escape artist

There was a recent post on Facebook that postulates that horses don’t have frontal lobes and, therefore, cannot undertake higher mental functions such as reasoning. This would mean that horses cannot plan to be naughty or blamed for bad behavior or poor performance. Well, no one told Zelda. After much thought and planning, Zelda has […]

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Gua Sha for your Horse

Gua Sha

For centuries, the Chinese Gua sha technique has been used to promote healing by scraping muscle tissue to stimulate blood flow, stretch and relax muscles, increase range of motion and reduce pain. You may also have heard it referred to as the Graston technique, named after David Graston who popularized this treatment in the U.S. in the […]

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Strengthening your Ankles

Strengthening your ankle

Your ankle absorbs the action of your horse’s stride with every step they take, something I’m painfully aware of right now. Even riding with a long leg, your ankle flexes and moves both up and down and sideways in ways that are almost impossible to replicate when not on a horse. To help keep my […]

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