It’s Time for a New Helmet

International Helmet Awareness Day

When I had my accident in January, I don’t know if I hit my head. Given how many other things broke, I decided it was time to retire my helmet, which was already a couple of years old. Since then, I’ve been wearing my Charles Owen skull cap. Honestly, I can’t remember when I bought […]

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Zebra Racing!

Hold onto your hats! These zebras live up to their reputation of being difficult rides. The biggest challenge is getting at least ONE of them to cross the finish line! Want to see more exotic racing? Visit Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota. In the meantime, I’ll leave the zebra racing to the professionals.

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Upper Paleolithic Foal Recovered from Siberia

Paleothic Foal Recovered from Siberia

How cool is this? Scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University, and Kindai University in Japan discovered a dark brown, three month old foal buried during the Ice age in an area called the Batagai depression in Siberia. This is the first time a pre-historic horse this young has been found intact and with such an […]

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8 Ways Equine Massage can Improve your Horse’s Performance

I have been sitting around thinking about how much massage could benefit me, when this cool infographic was sent to me by Dave Miller at Dave is a professional Showjumper who searches out interesting products and evaluates them. The only things I would add to his list of benefits is that 1) if you […]

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Is Gulliver the World’s smallest Horse?


Gulliver, born last year in Russia, looks like he will take over the crown for the smallest male miniature horse. Most of the breed measures a maximum of 34 inches; Gulliver is only 19″ tall now and was only the size of a cat when he was born. He is still smaller than Enstein, who […]

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Staying cool

Zelda's pedicure

This is one smart pony. With weather here in the 90s I think all the horses would like to be standing in front of a fan. Certainly when my farrier comes the horses really enjoy the time inside with a bit of air blowing on them to deter the bugs.

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