Look at those Ears!

The color of the leaves

Sometime¬† in the autumn, Freedom reminds me of the color of the leaves. Especially when the sun lights up his coat — or in this case, his two perfect ears. I have to get a photo of him in front of one of the fabulous red Maple trees because he would blend in perfectly. This […]

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Watching Fall Arrive

Fall foliage

Dusk is falling earlier and earlier. I left the barn at 4 p.m. today for a ride and already the light was turning golden and barred owls were calling to each other in the woods. There were two owls, their distinctive “who cooks for you?” cry echoing through the woods. Zelda and I went in […]

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Following the Hounds . . . by Car

following the hunt by car

I may not yet be strong enough to foxhunt, but I don’t want to miss all the fun. So, today I followed the meet by car. This was a territory I’ve never ridden, and I will not deny the feelings of jealousy that streamed through me while watching, but I also enjoy taking pictures and […]

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Stocking up for Winter

stocking up for winter

Yesterday, as I walked down the barn aisle toward the feed room, I heard a “clunk”. I turned around to see the tail of a chipmunk disappearing into a hole, and an acorn rolling on the floor. Poor thing. I must’ve scared him. Usually they are pretty bold. A couple of times when I’ve been […]

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What’s Your New Horse Name?

Your new horse name

Because we all could use a little humor . . . here’s a formula for coming up with the name of your next horse. Mine is WishIwasa Snazzy Diva. What’s yours?

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The Quest for Gold – But at What Price?

Arguably, the Gold Medal won by the US Show Jumping Team at the recent World Equestrian Games is a huge success. After all, it’s the first time the team has ever won gold in this competition and it had the added bonus of being on home turf. I would be a lot more proud of […]

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You can take the horse away from the racetrack . . .

Freedom Flying

Yesterday I wrote about a racehorse that didn’t want to race any more. Today, I’d like to share a video of Freedom, playing in his pasture. Thank goodness he never bucks like that under saddle. I can handle the galloping but the bucking might be too much. One of the funniest parts of the video […]

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