Flying Solo

First solo ride

It was too beautiful an afternoon to ride in the ring. Everything was quiet. There was only one car of walkers parked near the trail (which I hoped meant no loose dogs), and the trails beckoned. Up until now I’ve been playing it very safe. If I ride alone, I’ve stayed on property. But I’ve […]

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Freedom Finally Gets a Turn

Freedom's trail ride

Zelda has been my “go to” rehab horse. Although she’s big (it’s a long way to the ground when I dismount), she’s steady and, let’s face it: her default speed is slow. “Do we have to trot?” she’ll ask me when we work in the ring. “Again?” Left to her own devices, ambling along for […]

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When your horse chokes

Choke is the most common esophageal disorder in horses and occurs when poorly chewed feed gets stuck in your horse’s esophagus and the muscles spasm and hold it in place. Unfortunately, some horses, like Curly, are prone to choke. Her owner, Lindsay, documented the most recent incident. Why does Curly choke? Partially it’s because she […]

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Wire to Wire: Justify wins the Triple Crown with Stunning Belmont

Justify Wins the Belmont

Wow. I’m so glad I got to watch that live. Justify ran a fabulous race, ridden brilliantly by Mike Smith. After a clean break, Justify followed Smith’s plan — they broke first, then settled into a good rhythm and just kept going. At the end, Smith was fanning his whip, but Justify was still galloping […]

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Will Justify pull it off?

Justify at Belmont

Tomorrow Justify runs on the “Big Sandy” with the chance of bringing us another Triple Crown Winner. There was a 27 year drought before American Pharoah won the Triple Crown in 2015. Could we see another super horse so soon? The first winner of all three Triple Crown races was Sir Barton in 1919 — […]

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The Water Trap

Years ago I rode a horse that hated water. If he could have escaped from his water bucket that would’ve made him happy. Of course, I wanted to event. So I started trying to get him to walk through puddles. I had to get off and walk through in front of him! Although I finally […]

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Love is in the Air

It’s finally spring in New England. And the mares are in heat. Especially, Curly. She may 26 but she’s still a hussy. Freedom may be 20, but hedoesn’t want to let her out of his sight. In his mind, the girls are part of his harem. He’s always possessive of them, but in the spring […]

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