The Water Trap

Years ago I rode a horse that hated water. If he could have escaped from his water bucket that would’ve made him happy. Of course, I wanted to event. So I started trying to get him to walk through puddles. I had to get off and walk through in front of him! Although I finally […]

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Love is in the Air

It’s finally spring in New England. And the mares are in heat. Especially, Curly. She may 26 but she’s still a hussy. Freedom may be 20, but hedoesn’t want to let her out of his sight. In his mind, the girls are part of his harem. He’s always possessive of them, but in the spring […]

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Hyacinth goes horse riding


“There’s every possibility that I might ride beautifully.” How many people do you know that think that riding is something you can just get on the horse and do? I love this skit from Keeping Up Appearances. Everyone needs a good laugh and this definitely delivers. And, by the way, Hyacinth does pretty darned well.

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Acavallo Arena Stirrups Review

Acavallo Arena Stirrups

Once I was ready to start riding again, I got serious about getting the safety stirrups. The Acavallo Arena was a top choice for me. I like the look and they are (gasp) reasonably priced at $195. While I love the bright colors of the Free Jump stirrups, when I start foxhunting again, I’ll get […]

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It’s Different Over Here

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this view. I still love those ears, always focused on what’s coming next! Freedom is aware of his environment more than any other horse I’ve ridden. This week I broke down and decided to ride him. It’s not that I don’t enjoy Zelda, but this shiny horse […]

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This looks suspiciously like me


Equestrians are really bad at evaluating the extent of their injuries. For years, I’ve figured that if I could walk and there weren’t visible bruises, I was fine. Now that I’m back riding again — only in the most basic sense, as I’m only walking and trotting — I have a new respect for the […]

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Big Money Mike

Mike Smith

They don’t call Jockey Mike Smith “Big Money Mike” for nothing. Smith, at age 52 is one of the oldest jockeys on the circuit — and one of the most successful. Last year, Smith won an astonishing 15 Grade 1 races, the most since he won 20 back in 1994. And, he’s still the “go […]

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