It’s Shedding Season

Most people might call this season Spring. If you have a horse, you know it as shedding season. The time of the year when you are always covered with errant horse hairs. It’s worse than hay, and that’s saying something! Poor Curly. As a Bashkir Curly horse she has more hair than Zelda and Freedom […]

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When your horse is too short

My first horse, Bogie, was only about 15.3. At the withers. On a good day, when he hadn’t been shod for awhile. I used to joke that I needed roller skates to ride him, because I’m nearly 6′ tall and have long legs. This fellow has me beat. During the time I had Bogie, I […]

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A San Franciscan Horse

This past week I’ve been in San Francisco, helping a family member after an untimely and sudden death. In the midst of such sadness, it’s important to snatch a few minutes of joy. Today, while celebrating my nephews’ birthday (twin boys who turned six), I looked up and saw Zelda, painted on the wall of […]

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Wresting the Gullet into a Wintec

White vs. Red gullet

As mentioned in a previous post, Zelda grew a little too wide for her current saddle. No problem, I thought. She has a Wintec Pro Jump as her back up saddle. A saddle complete with the all-too-inaccurately named “Easy Change” gullet system. All I needed is a wider gullet, I thought optimistically. I forgot that […]

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Riding after Feeding

Zelda after eating

How long should you wait to ride after feeding your horse? For many years, conventional wisdom said you should wait an hour. Kind of like what your mother told you when you wanted to swim after lunch. Of course, your mother told you that because she wanted to lie in the sun and read her […]

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Brave Zelda

Geese on the loose

Although a small flock of wild turkeys sent Miss Zelda into a state of shock, apparently geese are not in the same league. We passed a multitude of geese in both directions. Even though a few took flight, she didn’t bat an eyelash. It makes you wonder exactly why things that look equally scary to […]

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Adopt a Mustang and the Government will pay you $1,000

Wild horses

While the population of wild horses and burros in the American West has exceeded 82,000 equines, adoptions are down. To encourage more people to adopt, the Bureau of Land Management is offering people a $1,000 incentive to adopt, hoping that this will address overpopulation and keep horses from starving. It’s a nice idea. But . […]

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