Processing Grief

Zelda the Magnificent

There’s no “right” way to grieve the loss of your horse. For me, the grief has come in waves so strong that they still take my breath away and bring tears to my eyes. I haven’t been blogging much since Zelda died. It’s been too raw, too fresh to think too much about her or […]

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Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments Win Tevis 2023 Bridle-less!

Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments

It takes a special kind of toughness to attempt the Tevis Cup, a lot of hard work and conditioning to complete the race, and an amazing partnership with your horse to compete, complete and WIN Tevis riding with a neck strap instead of a bridle. That’s exactly what Jeremy Reynolds accomplished on his 13-year old […]

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Kentucky Derby Winner Funny Cide Dies from Colic Complications

Funny Cide Wins Preakness

Funny Cide, winner of the 2003 Kentucky Deby and Preakness has died from colic complications. The gelding spent his last years at the Hall of Champions at the Kentucky Horse Park when he passed away. He was 23 years old. Known as β€œThe Gutsy Gelding,” Funny Cide was a crowd favorite, becoming the first gelding […]

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Betting on the Ponies. Can you Beat the Odds?

Betting the Ponies

My introduction to betting on the ponies came at an early age. My maternal grandfather loved to go to the local track – Belmont – and sometimes he took me along, starting when I must have been five or six. He would avidly study the racing forms. I would pick the prettiest horse in the […]

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Visiting Freedom

After Zelda died, I had an overwhelming need to visit Freedom. He’s been retired in Virginia since October of 2021, after I broke my ankle for a second time. Too much time had passed since I’d seen him and although I’d gotten regular updates from the retirement facility, I needed to touch him again and […]

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Arcangelo Wins the Belmont

Arcangelo and Javier Castellano win the Belmont Stakes

Fifty years after Secretariat’s blazing run in the Belmont Stakes, we don’t have a Triple Crown winner, but we do have a few firsts. Most impressive is that Arcangel’s trainer, Jena Antonucci, became the first female trainer to win a Triple Crown race (the race series has been run since 1919), and his jockey, four-time […]

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Beebe Ranch is Safe!

Beebe Ranch is safe

It’s time for some good news. Misty of Chincoteague lovers around the world have issued a collective sigh of relief. After twelve weeks of frantic fundraising and help from philanthropist David Landsberger (who agreed to match $100,000 in donations), the Museum of Chincoteague raised more than $450,000 and the Beebe Ranch is under contract with […]

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My Beautiful Zelda is Gone


For the last three weeks, Zelda has been fighting to recover from an episode of laminitis. Over the weekend, a cellulitis infection caused her to spike a fever of 104, which triggered a second episode. Monday night she was in a lot of pain; my vet was with us until 11 p.m. Tuesday, x-rays confirmed […]

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