Things you cannot force your horse to do

I always shake my head and smile when I hear people saying that horses shouldn’t be forced to jump. Obviously, there are people who will try to punish a horse into submission (the Big Lick Walkers come to mind), but ultimately, the horse has a vote. The first horse I owned was a failed school […]

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Follow Zelda on Instagram

Zelda the Magnificent

Zelda has always been a big horse with an even bigger personality. Lately, she’s been telling me that the World deserves to hear her point of view. So I gave her an Instagram feed. Of course, she named it Zelda the Magnificent, because she is, indeed magnificent. Zelda invites other horses (and their humans) to […]

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I am humbled and inspired

Angelika Trabert

Born with no legs, Dr. Angelika Trabert is now a medal-winning Paralympian – and an anaesthetist. Her motto is “it’s ability, not disability, that counts”. Angela has competed in Para-Equestrian dressage for 27 years and came into Tryon after a three year break from competition. She came in fourth in Tyron, but she has impressed […]

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The Flying Frenchman Wins Individual Gold in Vaulting

I watched quite a bit of the vaulting during the World Equestrian Games and while it’s a discipline I don’t know much about, the performances were captivating. Certainly, vaulting brings to mind trick riding or circus performances, but the discipline actually goes back to ancient times. Some consider vaulting to have initiated with “bull leaping” […]

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Simone Blum wins Show Jumping Individual Gold

Simone Blum wins individual gold

Yesterday, at our hunt, we talked about how women dominate the sport at the lower levels but are often left off the podium at the highest competition. Well, Simone Blum (Germany) has just become the first woman to win the show jumping individual gold at the World Equestrian Games riding her longtime partner DSP Alice. […]

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US Show Jumping Team Claims Gold at WEG

US Team wins gold in showjumping

The US Show Jumping Team became the first US team to win the gold show jumping medal at the World Equestrian Games, which was even more exciting given the North Carolina location. Going into the finals tied with Sweden, all four riders from both teams had to compete, and it came down to time after […]

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Highlights from the first week at WEG

British Team wins Eventing Gold

The WEG video gives a nice compilation of the different disciplines highlighted at the World Equestrian Games. However, for me the highlight of the first week at WEG was the Eventing. How disappointing for Ingrid Klimke to bring down the back rail of the final jump in Stadium? With no rails in hand, it dropped […]

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