Rachael Blackmore Guides Honeysuckle to Eighth Consecutive Victory

Horse racing is one of the only sports where men and women compete against each other, although women still represent only a small fraction of professional jockeys. In the US, women comprise only 14% of working jockeys and ride in only 10% of race starts. Only 2% ride at the elite level of the Triple […]

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Sensation Western Sport Saddle Review

Sensation Western Sport

Soon after I sold a couple of saddles, the itch to try something new started. I’ve always wanted to try a Sensation Treeless saddle, but they are made in Canada so there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to try one. So, when a woman in Western Massachusetts advertised two for sale . . . […]

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When is it time to say goodbye?


This post is not about a horse, but it touches on a topic that we all face when part of our family includes pets. Let’s face it. They simply do not live long enough. And when they come to the end of their lives, it’s really, really hard to know when the right time is […]

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Riding Rules for Middle Aged Horsewomen

Zelda selfie

Shamelessly borrowwed from Facebook, these made me laugh. Zelda has special appreciation for #10 and I am certainly guilty of #12. I love my Western Sport Sensation (photos soon). One more rule to add: Selfies must be taken to document the event. We DO NOT need to show up with our hair combed and wearing […]

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Pick a button!

Pick a buttton

After much deliberation (and a recent hay bill), I’m going with Free Hay for Life. I’ve had a couple of free, or close to free, horses and they still eat hay. Close second is an indoor arena. What would you choose?

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Which Bag Would You Want?

Three bags of grain

Just to show you that I really am not starving Freedom, the picture above shows the three bags of grain used for each feeding. It’s a little bit like Goldilocks: Freedom gets the Papa Bear sized serving; Zelda gets the Mama Bear serving; and Curly gets the Baby Bear portion. Let’s look at the quantities. […]

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