Rachael Blackmore Becomes the First Female Jockey to Win the Grand national

Rachael Blackmore wins the Grand National

Rachael Blackmore made history yesterday by becoming the first female jockey to win the Grand National Steeplechase. The 31-year old Irish jockey rode Minella Times to the victory at a closed track. It’s a shame that only a handful of people got to see her historic victory live. Last year the Grand National was canceled […]

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150-1 Longshot wins the Irish Grand National

Freewheelin Dylan caused a seismic shock among racing fans by winning the BoyleSports Irish Grand National as a 150-1 longshot. His win was the greatest upset since the race was established in 1870. Everyone loves an underdog success story and the 9-year old gelding left no doubt he deserved the win by moving to the […]

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Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Earlier I wrote about the fear of Zelda’s ulcers re-occurring and how I monitor her behavior based on whether or not it is being caused by ulcers. I’ve never been a big buyer of supplements. Until now. I don’t give my horses joint supplements, which have very little documented success. I don’t give calming supplements. […]

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Ulcers? or Not?

Ulcers or not

As Zelda and start preparing for the spring hunt season, the specter of ulcers looms over us. Zelda has been pissy — sometimes kicking out when I asked her to move forward, sometimes flattening her ears at me, sometimes refusing to leg yield, but only to the left. It leaves me wondering if she is […]

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Master Saddlers Put Skills Toward Mask Making

British Saddlers turn to Mask Making

In this COVID environment, many people have gotten creative about face masks, but none quite as much as the members of the British Master Saddlers, who turned their leather crafting skills to mask making. The competition, which ended mid-March, challenged saddlers to make a decorative mask — for a carnival, masquerade, animal or fancy dress. […]

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Beware the Red Frisbee

We’ve had a warm, spring-like week with temperatures in the sixties. People are out, walking, running, riding and . . . playing Frisbee. Zelda has a particular aversion to red Frisbees. They obviously eat horses. Especially black mares. And they fly at you. Now, Zelda definitely has spring fever. It’s hard to keep her attention […]

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Hoof Prints in the Sand


It’s a good sign when there are hoof prints in the sand, rather than in the snow. This is the path I take to the trails across the street from where my horses live, and I delight in the fact that not only is Zelda leaving hoof prints, but others have gone before us. Interesting, […]

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Too Good to Eat

Now THIS is a cake for an equestrian, even if it does look too good to eat. This cake was made by Crazy Cakes in the Czech Republic. On her Facebook page, the cake designer wrote about the stress of delivering a cake like this. I guess she won’t be shipping to Massachusetts any time […]

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