One step at a time

Snazzy cane

For the last week, I’ve been feeding my horses.  This may not sound like a big deal but for me, it involves walking over uneven ground while carrying things — flakes of hay, bags of grain and either a crutch or my snazzy new cane. So far, so good. It’s great to see the horses […]

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No Stirrups? No Problem

Maya Simmons no stirrups

Wow! I was impressed by the jump through the water where Maya Simmons lost her stirrups. “When he hit the landing, he just pecked. He hit hard, and my feet went flying behind me, and I went onto his neck. I think when I did that, the pressure of my feet pulled the leathers off […]

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Have you met the German Riding Instructor?

The German Riding Instructor

Ronny Reimer, aka the German Riding Instructor, is bringing his own brand of humor poking fun at the hunter/jumper circuit in the U.S., one video at a time. Reimer, who runs RCR Equestrian, can be followed on Facebook as his alter ego. Or at RCR Equestrian. Here are two that had me laughing out loud. […]

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Who hasn’t dreamed of this . . .

Golf course

Perfectly groomed green fairways with gentle, rolling hills. How perfect they would be to gallop through if it wasn’t for those pesky holes. As a kid, it was one of my fantasies. Right up there with sneaking into the pasture across the road from my grandparents where two horses had taken up residence. I was […]

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Taking the Winter Off

When I was a kid, most horses got the winter off. Indoors were a rarity and while I can remember riding bareback on fuzzy, fat horses, no real work was done. The theory was that the mental break did them good and, as long as they kept moving, the rest helped their bodies too. These […]

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What’s in your Pocket?

My pockets are full of hay. And mint wrappers. And half eaten candy canes. And the occasional half of an alfalfa cube. They mark me as a  horse owner. I have to quarantine my barn clothes because it’s dangerous for me to reach into a pocket and embarrassing to see the trail of detritus that […]

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Fully Weight Bearing . . . as tolerated


This past Tuesday, my orthopedic doctor pronounced my bones healed. All limbs, including the lagging knee, were 100% weight bearing. I was cleared to walk, drive, even ride my horse. In theory, I could throw my crutches off and sprint to the car. But, of course, there is the fine print, which reads, “as tolerated.” […]

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