A Wisp of Smoke

Watch this fox painting come alive and wait for the smoke . . . it’s magical.


Future Champion?

On a very cold February day it was fun to watch this American Pharoah colt enjoy the spring weather with his dam.

Last week we had record highs — mid 60s and even low 70s. Today the high was 17 and with the wind chill it felt more like 2. What happened to spring?

Motorists call RSPCA over horse transport

Horse on trailer
You can understand why motorists called the RSPCA after seeing this “horse” being driven along in a flatbed trailer!

I came across a pretty amusing news article the other day. The RSPCA received a bombardment of phone calls about the cruelty of a horse that was being transported on a trailer. No horsebox, just a rusty old flat bed trailer. Angry motorists rang in to report the endangered horse.

Luckily, the culprit of the animal cruelty turned out to be a pretty nice couple who were transporting their fake plastic horse from Birmingham, back to their home in Cambridge. Phew! Perhaps motorists thought the poor horse was heading up to Newmarket in preparation for the 1000 Guineas!

I actually pass a life-sized model of a horse every day on my way to the barn. The people who own it move it around it’s paddock periodically and dress it according to the weather. The first time I saw it, I certainly did a double take.

The scary part is that some people actually do put their horse on a flat bed! The video below is a real horse!!

Horse on flatbed
This is not a plastic horse. Hard to believe that someone would do this. The horse seems pretty sanguine about it. Click on the photo to watch the video.


Freedom’s Clip Job

Freedom's Clip Face
This is what Freedom thinks about getting clipped. He loves it!

Freedom’s a funny horse. He doesn’t really like being touched or groomed. He can put the fear of God into his massage therapist and don’t even think about sticking an acupuncture needle into him.

Clipping Freedom
Usually I ground tie him outside when clipping. He doesn’t need to be tied.

But he loves getting clipped.

This afternoon, after three days of temperatures in the high 60s, I decided to clip him. I parked him in the back paddock. He doesn’t need to be tied and I like to clip outside where the light is better and the hair blows away. He doesn’t even need hay. It’s one of the only times that he stands absolutely still.

I think the clippers tickle him because he will reach around and nudge me when I get to certain spots. My philosophy is always to start with just a low trace clip and then take more. Freedom is patient and when I stop, he starts to yawn, lick and chew. Exactly what I would hope to see after a massage.

Happy face
Freedom shows all the signs of relaxation and release when I finish the first side.


The Great Melt

Beautiful afternoon light
The late afternoon light set everything aglow. We don’t get many days where its warm enough to ride in shirt sleeves and there is snow on the ground!

Hard to believe that after the bitter temperatures that we had last week that today it was 55 degrees and sunny! Already the snow is starting to melt and it’s heavy and dense, not light and fluffy. It’s pretty hard going so today the horses and I took it easy and just enjoyed the warmth and the beautiful light.

Freedom hasn’t had a good off property hack in awhile. He enjoyed his snowy hack.
Freedom hasn’t had a good hack off property in awhile. He really enjoyed his snowy ride.

Glowing in the sun
Freedom always glows in the sun. There’s nothing like a chestnut thoroughbred!
Heavy snow
Zelda complained that the snow was heavier and more difficult to move through than it has been. But she still gave me a couple of good bucks when she wanted to canter.

On the way home we were treated to a beautiful sunset.