Venograms Provide Valuable Insights into Laminitis


I’ve only seen a horse with laminitis once. We had a pony at the barn who looked uncomfortable. She kept shifting her weight. She had appeared slightly off. Her symptoms were suspicious, but when I suggested she could be foundering, her owners were reluctant to call the vet. By chance, we had a potential new […]

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The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

Earlier this spring there was so much rain and so much mud that the girls were destroying all the grass in their pasture. They ate the tender shoots of grass faster than they could grow. It takes grass about 21 days for grass to be established, so we removed them before the whole pasture became […]

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Open Wide: Dental Care for Horses

Curly having her teeth done

You’ve heard the expression, long in the tooth? That refers to the fact that horse’s teeth continue to grow, or rather, erupt out of their jaws as they age. Horses have about four inches of tooth crown below the surface of their gums,  called the body or reserve crown. Just as well, as a horse […]

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Watch the Devon Horse Show Live Stream

When I was in college in Pennsylvania, and for several years after, attending the Devon Horse Show was an annual pilgrimmage, with the Thursday night Devon Grand Prix, the highlight of the week. About an hour ago I discovered you can watch the Devon Horse Show on the USEF Livestream. For free. Watching the jumpers […]

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Equine Ink earns 11th pace in Top 100 Equestrian Blogs for 2019

Top 100 Equestrian Blogs

I was thrilled to read that Equine Ink was named 11th in the top 100 equestrian blogs, a ranking compiled by Feedspot, a webiste that ranks blogs according to search and social metrics. I started writing Equine Ink back in 2008, just as a way of finally writing about something I love (I write many […]

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An Alpha Mare Discussion

Zelda giving me the stink eye

Zelda has been testing me. I was traveling for a few days last week, and when I haven’t been working her regularly, she forgets that I’m not Curly and she tries to boss me around. She will drag me toward the best grass, try to nip me when I put her saddle on, refuse to […]

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It’s a Grand View

View out onto the river

The water beyond Zelda’s ears is Fairhaven Bay, which is close to Walden Pond. We hunted there today and this was at the check, where we all took a nice break in the coolness of the shade.  

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