Beating the Heat

Water Horse

With temperatures in the 90s F and heat indices over 100 F, riding is not on the cards. If it’s so hot that merely carrying a few flakes of hay to the pasture makes you feel like a limp dishrag, the most important thing is to keep your horse cool and comfortable. Our horses live […]

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Mounting from the Ground with a Treeless Saddle

Zelda in her ghost

Okay. I’ll admit it. I have trouble mounting from the ground with a treed saddle. The combination of aging (my impending birthday makes me feel older), residual stiffness from last year’s fall, and Zelda’s large size conspire against me. I have a three step mounting block (bought after my injury), which is perfect and otherwise […]

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What book titles describe your life as an equestrian

Equestrian books

I love this graphic. I particularly relate to Broke, Broken and Bedraggled. As for the titles I’d write? Never say it can’t get worse or Mystery Lamenesses and the Treatments you can Try or 101 Saddles. As a matter of fact, I am writing a novel with an equestrian theme. Stay tuned for a few […]

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Ashley Stout

Whenever I see a large jump in views on my blog, my heart sinks. Usually it means that there has been a rotational fall somewhere in the world (my post, What is a Rotational Fall and How can They be Prevented) has high Google rankings. Sadly, yesterday that prediction came true. Thirteen-year old Ashley Stout […]

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This Competitive Dressage Rider is Blind

Nicola Naylor

Dressage is hard enough when you can see, but I can’t imagine trying to keep my horse straight or ride perfect circles while being blind. Nicola Naylor competes nationally and internationally. And not just in para- events. Naylor Blind dressage rider, Nicola Naylor, competes nationally and internationally in para and non-disabled events. But how does […]

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The Lime Quarries of Estabrook Woods

Lyme Quarry

Whenever I ride through the woods near the barn, I keep a lookout for the history of the land: stone walls that mark the old fields (now overgrown with trees), foundatons of houses and hunting lodges long demolished, cellar holes and lime quarries. Although now the type of lyme we see in the woods is […]

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Fly Spray – Does Any of it Work?

Fly spray choices

Every year, right around now, the deerflies start to come out. Zelda is a sensitive soul. She really hates bugs. The problem is, none of the expensive and deadly concoctions appears to repel the bugs. Minutes, maybe even seconds, after I covered every inch of her body, the bugs were back. So far, I’ve tried […]

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