Setting Ground Pole distances

Ground pole distances

Setting the right ground pole distances can be tricky. You want to start with your horse’s typical stride and then adjust the distances depending on what you want to accomplish in terms of shortening or lengthening your horse’s stride. When integrated into your schooling sessions, working over ground poles and cavalleti will increase your horse’s […]

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The benefits of rein back

Rein back

One of the moves Zelda and I have been practicing is the rein back. It seems pretty simple, right? Just take a few steps back instead of forward. But it can look pretty sticky if you don’t practice it and if you do it right, the benefits are significant. It helps to raise the horse‚Äôs […]

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Watch out for Turtles


‘Tis the season when turtles are leaving the comfort of their watery homes to set off cross country to find the ideal place to bury their eggs. For several of them, it appears that place is the grass ring where I ride or the field next to it, where I also ride. It amazes me […]

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You Trailer, We Float

You trailer, we float

One of my readers sent me some poetry to consider for Equine Ink. I really like this one, which takes a light hearted view of the differences between US and Australian equestrians. But, it also underscores how much we all have in common. In today’s world, I think it’s important to recognize how our shared […]

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Tiz the Law Runs away with the belmont

Tiz the Law

The stands at Belmont might have been eerily empty today, but it didn’t stop Tiz the Law from laying down a spectacular run in the the 152nd Belmont Stakes. Sure, the race was shorter than usual, but Tiz the Law’s trainer, Barclay Tagg, was not one of the trainers who asked for that. His colt […]

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Racing cracks down on use of whips


With the Belmont Stakes being run on Saturday, horse racing is again in the public eye. The use of whips has long been controversial. Now, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission approved new rules that limit the use of the whip, five days after the California Horse Racing Board adopted the most stringent whip-use regulations in […]

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1700-year-old Mongolian saddle Found

1700 year old Mongolian saddle

Check out this 1700-year-old Mongolian saddle which was found in the Urd Ulaan Uneet burial cave — the only burial cave in the region from this era. Every long time reader of this blog knows how much I love saddles and this one is amazing — it’s so perfectly preserved that it’s hard to comprehend […]

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Are you Ready for the 2020 Belmont stakes?

2020 Belmont Stakes

Are you ready for the 2020 Belmont Stakes on Saturday? Because I’m not. Most years, the Belmont is the culmination of the Triple Crown season. With luck and good running, the nation might be poised on a potential Triple Crown win. Emotions would be running high. This year, I don’t even know which horse are […]

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