That shadow is still following me

Shadow Rider

As a kid, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love horses. From clutching Breyer horses to jumping the cracks in the sidewalk, my imagination had me riding horses long before reality caught up. I was a New York City kid, so my riding was limited to weekends and summers. That’s why it was […]

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Depo banned for USEF competitions effective Dec. 1

Depo Provera or MPA

The United States Equestrian Federation Board of Directors has voted to prohibit the use of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MFA) which is the generic version of Depo-Provera —  in horses competing in USEF-licensed competitions effective Dec. 1. The USEF has been considering a ban on MPA since 2017, driving mostly issues with anaphylaxis, but also because of […]

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Understanding a Winning Ride

Adiah HP

This dressage test from Adiah HP and Jim Koford at the US Dressage Finals is stunning. The pair are so fluid, so focused and so elegant. But is the commentary that really makes the whole experience so remarkable. Kathy Connelly explains what the judges are looking for and how the pair executes the movements. With […]

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Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping beauties

When I arrived at the barn today, all three horses were sleeping in the sun. They looked so peaceful, I almost didn’t interrupt them, but of course, I had to take photos. Last night was the first night that felt like winter. The temperatures dropped to 22 degrees and I’m sure that sun felt good.

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Whoa not Woah! Or is it?

whoa or woah?

Recently, I’ve seen the word “whoa” written as “woah” or even “whoah” several times. A little research shows that many people are confused over a word that is as natural to us as breathing. In fact, whoa is quite an ancient word and the spelling that’s developed may have to do with where you live. […]

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When the eye changes

The eye is the window to the soul

Freedom has a kind eye, which reflects his gentle nature. Over the 16 years that I’ve owned him, however, his left eye has changed. Freedom started to lose pigment in the iris of his left eye a few years ago. It came on gradually until now it’s a quite a large spot, which is almost […]

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