Gua Sha for your Horse

Gua Sha

For centuries, the Chinese Gua sha technique has been used to promote healing by scraping muscle tissue to stimulate blood flow, stretch and relax muscles, increase range of motion and reduce pain. You may also have heard it referred to as the Graston technique, named after David Graston who popularized this treatment in the U.S. in the […]

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Cold Laser Therapy For Freedom

Cold laser on Freedom

A few years ago I was lucky enough to borrow a veterenarian friend’s cold laser to treat my tendonitis. It seemed to help reduce inflammation and the sensation was pleasant — mostly, it just made the area feel warm. I’d always hoped to try it on Freedom as she told me that many vets use […]

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Do you have a license for that Massage?

Equine Massage

Your horse is a little stiff. Last time you felt like that, you felt terrific after you had a massage. The problem? In some states, massage is considered a veterinary procedure and must be administered, or supervised, by a vet. In fact, equine massage is only one service where licensing is becoming an issue. Equine […]

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The Benefits of Reiki


At the hospital, they have Reiki volunteers. I’ve heard of Reiki but never had the chance to try it before. However, since it’s billed as a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, I signed up. Reiki comes from “Rei”, which means “Higher Power” and “Ki,” which means “life force energy.” […]

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A Time of Healing

This winter both Freedom and I are rehabbing. He’s still off with his SI injury — massage is helping but with no indoor, it’s hard to keep him in regular work. With less incentive (or ability to ride) I’ve decided that it’s finally time to fix the aches and pains that have been bothering me. […]

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Massage to the Rescue

As part of the “Let’s Fix Freedom” initiative, he had a massage on Tuesday. He’s not the easiest horse when it comes to body work as he has very defined views on how he likes to be touched. Basically, he’s not a big fan. Although non verbal, he is quite articulate about his opinions! Luckily, […]

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The Process of Elimination – Part 2

The next step in figuring out what’s not wrong with Freedom came today. My saddle fitter was in town and he also does body work. So, I asked Gary to give Freedom a “once over” to see if he found any tightness or body soreness. He did, but not in the left hind. Although Gary […]

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