Not Sharing

Not sharing

Zelda takes mealtimes seriously and she is definitely not sharing. She has the evil mare stare down to a science and she rules her roost with nasty looks and a raised hind leg. You see, Curly was too close (yes, that’s Curly way in the background and that’s what Zelda is reacting to. She is […]

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Stockpiling For Covid-19?

stockpiling grain

Okay, so we’re all worried about the coronavirus and many people are stockpiling toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Zelda was particularly concerned that we might run out of grain. I told her not to worry. I ordered extra bags of Triple Crown Senior, hay stretcher, Purina Amplify, and hay cubes. We’re set for a while. […]

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More Calories Needed

Freedom too skinny

Last weekend we had some fabulous warm weather. I got a long over due ride and the horses enjoyed basking in the sun, rolling in the mud and not wearing their blankets. However, when I removed Freedom’s blanket, I noticed he’d gotten a bit ribby. It’s hard for him to hold his weight in the […]

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Food as Medicine

Today we are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled equine programming to take a look at another species . . . one that many of you might have in your homes or barns. The house cat. But this is also tale (or should I say, tail?) that I believe can be applied […]

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Research Shows Mares more likely to have a Sweet Tooth

Zelda the Walmart Greeter

The study team from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland has discovered that horses’ flavor preferences are influenced by gender and breed. The study used 48 adult horses — stallions and mares in equal numbers — for their research. They were Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Polish Konik and Polish cold-blooded horses, all aged over 5. […]

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Supplements Made Simple | The Chronicle of the Horse

This is such a wonderful “take” on supplements. I had to laugh out loud. My particular favorites are below, but Freedom could definitely use “Calm the Hell Down”. Be Careful What You Ask For Ideal for the overly-compliant horse who is more interested in pleasing you than saving either of your skins. BCWYAF invokes a […]

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Feed by weight, not by volume

Most of the time when you ask someone how much they feed their horse, they answer in terms of quarts — or coffee cans. It’s an easy way to measure when scooping it out of a bin, but unless you take feed density into account, it’s a highly variable strategy. You will always end up […]

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What supplements does your horse need?

Open any tack store catalog or website today and you will find a plethora of supplement options. Is your horse a bit creaky? There are joint supplments for every stage of life and almost every budget. Horse need to gain weight? There are fat supplements promising “cool calories”. Horse a bit exciteable? Not to worry, […]

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