I’ve Missed this View

Six weeks after having surgery on my wrist I’ve finally been released from “stall rest” and thoroughly enjoyed a four-mile hack through the fall foliage. Zelda was content to meander along the trails and the weather was perfect. Thankfully, we are having unseasonably warm weather right now in New England and I’m planning to take […]

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Tight Hip Flexors? Try This

Hip Flexors

Do you have trouble following the motion of your horse? Feel crooked on your horse? Do you tip forward or stick your bum out? Does your horse look slightly lame in one direction, or always land on the wrong lead over a fence. The culprit may be tight hip flexors which can impact how you […]

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Strengthening your Ankles

Strengthening your ankle

Your ankle absorbs the action of your horse’s stride with every step they take, something I’m painfully aware of right now. Even riding with a long leg, your ankle flexes and moves both up and down and sideways in ways that are almost impossible to replicate when not on a horse. To help keep my […]

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