Heather Moffett Vogue Saddle Review

HM Vogue dressage saddle

In my quest to ride in as many different saddles as possible, my latest acquisition was a Heather Moffett Vogue. This is one of those “neither fish nor fowl” designs. It doesn’t have a typical tree and it isn’t technically a treeless saddle. It is a leather tree, which they call a “SoftTree” and a […]

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Stopping the Slip

Stopping the slip

My Sensation treeless saddle is one of the most comfortable saddles I’ve ever owned, but one of the challenges to riding in a treeless saddle is that without the rigid structure of a tree, the saddle can slip more easily. There are a few tricks to keep your saddle secure. First, of course, is to […]

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Why I will Never Order a custom Saddle

Stackhouse Jumping Saddle

Readers of my blog know that I have a pretty full-blown saddle addiction, but the one thing I’ve always resisted is ordering a custom saddle. Well, not quite. I have a saddle that was made to measure for me — a Roosli Pilatus dressage saddle. Not technically “custom” it was assembled to fit my measurements […]

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Bitting up for Hunting

Bitting up for hunting

Bitting up for hunting can mean the difference between a fun ride and a continuous tug of war. Whenever someone says you should be able to ride every horse in a snaffle, I chuckle and think, “you’ve never been foxhunting.” That’s not to say you can’t hunt a horse in a snaffle. My Trakehner was […]

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Faster than a Speeding Bullet, More Powerful than a Locomotive

Faster than a speeding bullet

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to jump downed trees in a single bound. Look! Running after the hounds! It’s Zelda! For sure, Zelda had the locomotive part down pat. Riding her was a bit like being on a runaway train. Without brakes that worked well. Zelda and I had […]

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Wool only under SaddleRight Pads

Saddleright pad with wool liner

When you lay down big bucks for a saddle pad, the temptation to keep it clean is very strong. I started using a SaddleRight pad under my treeless saddle some time ago as it provides spinal clearance, it distributes pressure and doesn’t compress over time. These nifty pads run about $350 new (although you can […]

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How Many Ways can a Saddle not Fit? Part #1

How many ways can a saddle not fit

How many ways can a saddle not fit a horse? It turns out there are many. In fact, there are probably more horses wearing saddles that don’t fit than which do. My evidence? Recently, I joined a saddle fitting group on Facebook. It’s a page where people post photos of their horse and saddle and […]

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Saddle fitting for the horse in motion

Saddle fitting for the Horse in Motion

Just because a saddle fits a horse that’s standing still doesn’t mean it will still fit when the horse is moving, because saddle fitting for the horse in motion has to take into account how the horse’s back changes. I came across an interesting post on Facebook by Erica Allen, a certified independent saddle fitter […]

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