Wool only under SaddleRight Pads

Saddleright pad with wool liner

When you lay down big bucks for a saddle pad, the temptation to keep it clean is very strong. I started using a SaddleRight pad under my treeless saddle some time ago as it provides spinal clearance, it distributes pressure and doesn’t compress over time. These nifty pads run about $350 new (although you can […]

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Treeless saddles: It’s all about the saddle pad

Saddleright pad

So, you’ve bought a treeless saddle because in theory, it fits every horse — but don’t forget that in many ways, ensuring proper fit is all about the saddle pad. Treeless saddles solve a lot of saddle fitting problems. I can’t tell you how many people I see riding in saddles that are either perched […]

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Fancy Saddle Pads — are They Worth it?

Supracor pad

Although I am an admitted saddle addict, I am not a saddle pad addict. I know people who own multitudes of colors . . . have gel pads, riser pads, sheepskin pads, and correction pads. It’s come to the point where saddle pads now cost more than some of the saddles I’ve owned. I mean […]

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Fitting a saddle to the asymmetrical horse

I knew there was something wrong. I was crooked. I had to keep stepping hard in my left stirrup to stay even. It was particularly noticeable jumping. I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t ride. Or at least that there was something wrong with her saddle (because I didn’t feel unbalanced on Freedom). So […]

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Supracor pad helps keep horses’ backs cool

When I was a kid, saddle pads were used primarily to keep your saddle clean. They were thin pieces of cloth, mostly white. Now? Saddle pads are therapeutic. They have pockets for shims to improve the fit of  saddles. They provide non-slip surfaces. They absorb shock. And they can help keep your horse’s back cool […]

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The Princess and the Pea

I suspect we’ve all seen saddles like this one — perched so far above the horse’s back that you might not even know you are riding a horse. I’m sure that the rider’s intentions are good. But while they might want a pad to protect their horse’s back, too much of a good thing can […]

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What the dust patterns on your saddle pad tell you

Reading the dust patterns on your saddle pad is the equestrian version of reading tea leaves. You study the marks that are left after riding and they help you evaluate the pressure points under your saddle and if it’s a good fit for your horse. Of course, it can also tell you that your horse […]

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The benefits of using sheepskin saddle pads

After the Saddle Dr. came to fit our saddles in April, I mentioned that he recommended a cushy saddle pad for older horses (Older Horses can Benefit from a Saddle Pad that Cushions). One of the options he recommends is sheepskin. Yes, they offer a nice soft soft cushion but the therapeutic value of  natural […]

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