How many saddles is it reasonable to own?


This post on the Chronicle of the Horse Forums caught my eye yesterday. You see, I have a small problem with saddles. In fact, I’ll have to take the fifth on answering the question because to admit how many saddles I own would require counting them, and I’ve decided I have too much stress in […]

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WintecLite D’Lux Saddle Review

WintecLite D'Lux

When I discovered Zelda’s saddle didn’t fit this spring (Zaftig Zelda), I wrestled the extra wide gullet into my Wintec Pro Jump, but anyone who knows me won’t be suprised to learn that I was already plotting to find a better saddle to get us through the transition. One thing I’ve learned since my accident: […]

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Wrestling the Gullet into a Wintec

White vs. Red gullet

As mentioned in a previous post, Zelda grew a little too wide for her current saddle, necessitating the insertion of a wider gullet in the Wintec saddle I keep on hand. No problem, I thought. She has a Wintec Pro Jump as her back up saddle. A saddle complete with the all-too-inaccurately named “Easy Change” […]

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Dear Saddle, It’s Not Me It’s You — Saddle Seeks Horse

I know a lot of people who could have written this letter. While there is a growing awareness of the importance of saddle fit for horses, many people don’t understand saddle fit for them! As someone who has very long femurs, I fought many saddles before I realized that I needed a saddle where the […]

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One saddle, two horses

I’ve always discounted people who said that their saddle fits “every horse” they put it on. And with two horses that look completely different in almost every way, it never occurred to me that the same saddle that fits Zelda could possibly fit Freedom. Especially since both horses changed shape this year But after fitting […]

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Fitting a saddle to the asymmetrical horse

I knew there was something wrong. I was crooked. I had to keep stepping hard in my left stirrup to stay even. It was particularly noticeable jumping. I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t ride. Or at least that there was something wrong with her saddle (because I didn’t feel unbalanced on Freedom). So […]

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Kieffer monoflap XC saddle for sale

If you’ve read my blog, you know I have a problem with saddles. I have too many! This year both Zelda and Freedom changed shape. That is both an opportunity (more saddle shopping!) and a challenge (I REALLY have too many saddles right now). I am offering for sale a saddle that I love but […]

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How often do you get your saddles fitted?

I was talking to someone once who complained that her horse’s back was sore. I asked if she had a saddle fitter look at it. Her response? She’d had it fitted when she bought it . . . three years ago! That begs the question, how often do you have your saddles fitted? Personally, I […]

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