Does your treeless saddle pass the string test?

Clearance under the treeless saddle

One of the challenges of riding in a treeless saddle is protecting your horse’s spine. With a treed saddle, the gullet keeps the rider’s weight off of the sensitive nerves and protect the horse’s spine. When the first treeless saddles were introduced, most of them did not have integrated gullets; spinal protection was offered by […]

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Mounting from the Ground with a Treeless Saddle

Zelda in her ghost

Okay. I’ll admit it. I have trouble mounting from the ground with a treed saddle. The combination of aging (my impending birthday makes me feel older), residual stiffness from last year’s fall, and Zelda’s large size conspire against me. I have a three step mounting block (bought after my injury), which is perfect and otherwise […]

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Trying a Ghost Heritage

Ghost Heritage

I’ve posted photos of my Ghost Quevis before — it’s a tiny treeless saddle that’s very close contact and minimal. I recently purchased fenders for it (more about that later), but in the meantime, I came across a screaming deal on a Cavillin Heritage, one of the newest models from Camillo Cavallin, who is one […]

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Enter Ghost

When I was about six, my grandfather read Hamlet to me as a bedtime story. It might have been a strange choice, but the story really caught my attention, especially the stage direct, “Enter Ghost.” Fast forward to this week. As I wrote yesterday, Zelda has gotten a bit zaftig over the winter and her […]

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Riding treeless more safely with Sensation E-Bar Stirrup base

I’ve had my Freeform treeless saddle for about five years and have always really loved it, except for one thing: the way the stirrups attach. The Freeform comes with a closed loop attachment. This means that unlike a conventional saddle (which uses bars) if you fall and catch your foot in the stirrup, it won’t […]

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Barefoot, bitless and treeless.

While I’m not someone who stridently believes that shoes are evil, bits are torture and treed saddles will hurt your horse’s back, when I came back from a hack yesterday, I realized that Freedom certainly looked the part. He was wearing two Cavallo Simple boots, an LG bitless bridle and a Freeform Treeless saddle. How […]

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