Equine Crash Test Dummy will make Horse Trailers Safer

Equine Crash Test Dummy

For as long as I can remember, horse trailer designs have been essentially the same — boxes that hold your horse while you pray that nothing terrible happens while you’re hauling them. A company in Australia has a mission to make trailers safer for horses and they come up with a novel way to test […]

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Just a boy driving his pony

small boy with trailer

Gotta love this kid. He obviously loves his pony and he’s a better driver (already) than many of the people I see pulling horse trailers. Nothing like starting them young!

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How many ways do I love my I-Ball?

I-ball back up camera

I’ve written about using the I-Ball back up camera as a way to keep an eye on my horses while trailering (the Zelda Cam). After Zelda fell in the trailer, I’ve always felt more comfortable watching her — she still moves around more than I’d like, but so far she’s stayed on her feet. But […]

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Keeping your Trailer Roadworthy

legal contract for trailer use

Saturday’s post talked about buying a trailer. Once you have one, your next task is taking care of it. After all, your horse’s safety depends on it! At least once a year, you should go over your trailer and do a safety check, although there are some things, like electrical and tire pressures, that you […]

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6 Things to Look for When Buying a Horse Trailer

Buying a horse trailer is a major decision. It’s not just the cost of the trailer, it’s the potential safey of your precious cargo. I’ve always thought that trailering is one of the riskiest things you can do with your horse (mostly because of other drivers). But selecting the best trailer for your needs can […]

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How Fast can you Hitch your Trailer?

How long does it take you to hitch your trailer? Most of the time I can get it in a few tries, but some days it seems like I’m always a little too far to the left or have corrected too far to the right. It can be enormously frustrating. And having someone direct you […]

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To Tie or Not to Tie

It’s no secret that I hate trailering. It’s not that I’m a bad driver, or that my horses are bad at trailering. I just have a very active imagination and I worry about how they are traveling and what could go wrong. Maybe it’s because I live in an area where people are more likely […]

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