Ancient Horse Found in Canada Reveals Oldest DNA Ever Sequenced


Scientists have sequenced the DNA of a frozen horse discovered in Canada’s Yukon Territory in 2003 and discovered the oldest DNA ever sequenced. The new methodologies used by the researchers confirmed that the genus Equus dates back more than 4 million years — twice as long as scientists previously believed. ‚ÄúPrevious to this, the oldest […]

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Skeleton of 16,000 year old Horse Found in Utah

Skeloton of ancient horse. Photo by Rick Hunter.

When Laura Hill and her husband started a landscaping project, they didn’t think much of the skeleton that was uncovered. Initially, they assumed it was a cow. It was about the size of a Shetland pony and it was missing its head. Luckily, before it was destroyed, she asked a neighbor about it, who happened […]

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