The Birds — Barn swallows, that is

Barn swallows

At this time of year, walking through the barn brings back memories of Hitchcock’s The Birds. Territorial barn swallows dive bomb you, coming so close to your head as you walk down the aisles that the breeze of their wings makes your hair fly. I know they’re protecting their nests. But seriously? I’m starting to […]

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Ready to spread their wings

I love this time of year. The barn is full of nests and the nests are full of chicks. Every day they seem to get larger . . . and noisier! The cacophony of cheeping that occurs when two nests full of barn swallows are visited by their parents is deafening. Right now we have […]

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The barn swallows of summer

Barn swallows are one of the sure signs of summer. At our barn we probably have eight nesting pairs and it’s a treat to watch them perform their aerobatics above the pastures — they are amazing flyers who spend more time in the air than any other land bird and have been clocked flying as […]

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