House of Representatives passes Anti-Soring Bill

House Passes Anti Soring Bill

Last week, the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act (PAST), a bill (333 to 96) that aims to stamp out soring in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry by ending self-policing and strengthening penalties. Backers of the anti-soring bill will now press for the legislation to be brought before the […]

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Are the days of the Big Lick Walkers numbered?

My first reaction when I saw Fran’s article was, it’s about time! Big Lick Walking Horses have been (in my opinion) subjected to an unusually perverted form of torture under the auspices of “performance” for many years. Who, after all, actually wants their horse to have gaits like this so badly that they use keg […]

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The Shame of Big Lick Walking Horses

Big Lick Walking Horses

  While PETA horrified the world with video from the shedrow at Steve Asmussen’s racing barn, the abuse that Big Lick Walking Horses (the high stepping subset of Tennessee Walkers) suffer has mostly gone under the radar, even though, by most accounts, it’s far more pervasive and far more severe. Many of the top show […]

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