On Bits & Bitting

Love this post from Denny Emerson this morning. I see so many people posting on forums that you are not an accomplished rider unless you can ride your horse in a snaffle. Preferably a loose ring or egg butt snaffle. Bits and bitting—-A dose of reality— Much of training horses on a daily basis is […]

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Bits and the anatomy of a horse’s mouth

anatomy of a horse's mouth

Many people choose a bit because It’s already in their tack box Everyone else at the barn rides in one The bit doesn’t matter — it’s the rider’s hands that matter, or The horse was ridden in the bit forever, so why change? Hey, those are the criteria I used for selecting bits for years. […]

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Bitting up

I have always been a snaffle kind of rider. Partly it’s because I generally have had horses that require more kick than whoa; partly it’s because I use other aids to control speed and rhythm; and partly it’s because I like a horse to take a solid contact with the bit. Look in my bit […]

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