Pippa Funnel Wins Burghley

Pippa Funnel Wins Burghley

Going into stadium today, Pippa Funnel had only a hair’s whisker of a lead over Piggy French (whom she calls “Piglet”) and Oliver Townend. Wearing her lucky number, 77, she managed to hold onto the lead when all three riders had one rail down and win by 0.1 penalty point riding MGH Grafton Street. It’s […]

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Christopher Burton wins Burghley!

Christopher Burton went into stadium jumping on Sunday with four rails in hand. And he needed every one of them! Very impressive of him to stay in the lead since dressage. “I tried to keep it interesting for everyone by getting as close as I could! I don’t know if I’ll ever win a four […]

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2015 Burghley Horse Trials Underway

The text under the video asks, “Are you brave enough?” Not me! This looks like a wickedly difficult course. The video above shows the “fast” route through. The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials started. All horses/pairs were accepted during the first presentation. Some of those horses are very fit and frisky. During the first day […]

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