20,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings were a Proto-Writing System

The cave paintings such as the ones found in Lascaux and Pech Merle in southwest France, and the El Castillo Cave in Spain, are well known for their remarkable cave paintings. Now, the artwork is being considered as more than just early painting; researchers believe the paintings are an early proto-writing system, dating back at […]

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The Dappled Horses of Pech Merle

The dappled horses of Pech Merle

One of the most spectacular examples of prehistoric cave paintings are the dappled horses of Pech Merle, a panel of horses drawn more than 29,000 years ago in a cave in Southern France. Discovered in 1922 by three teenagers from the village of Cabrerets, the caves feature more than 800 prehistoric drawings. The dappled, or […]

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