Cold Nights, Hot Meals

Cold nights, hot meals

Tonight was wintry and cold, with about four more inches of fresh, powdery snow. When I fed dinner, around six, it was so dark that only Zelda’s white blaze shown out in the night. On cold nights, you might think of horses tucked into stalls, but ours live outside 24/7. They have a shed but […]

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When your horse chokes

Choke is the most common esophageal disorder in horses and occurs when poorly chewed feed gets stuck in your horse’s esophagus and the muscles spasm and hold it in place. Unfortunately, some horses, like Curly, are prone to choke. Her owner, Lindsay, documented the most recent incident. Why does Curly choke? Partially it’s because she […]

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Grass Clippings Don’t Make Good Forage for Horses

Every couple of years a “kindly” landscaper or home owner offers our horses grass clippings from their lawns. Their intentions are good, but the consequences to horses can be severe. Yes, horses eat grass, so why not grass clippings? There are several reasons why it’s not a good idea: When grass is mown and especially […]

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