Deer, Turkeys and Wind — Oh MY!

Deer, turkeys and Wind

The last few days have been challenging, but in different ways: deer, turkeys and wind have made each ride a little more exciting than it had to be. Yesterday, it was the turkeys and the wind. It’s courting season for the wild turkeys and they are everywhere. Poor Freedom, who has always had a turkey […]

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Oh Deer!

Deer in the grass

It used to be that the deer would run away when they saw you. Not any more. Some of them, like thisĀ  deer (photo courtesy of Lindsay, since Curly is better at standing still when a deer pops up out of the grass than Zelda), stand their ground. I saw what appeared to be the […]

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Three Young Bucks

Three young Bucks

Freedom has some deer friends that I see frequently in his field. Tonight, there were three young bucks with their small, velvet-covered antlers. Two of them settled down for a nap in the field and the third kept watch, grazing. I wonder, sometimes, when we see deer out hacking, whether they are his friends.  

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Today in the woods I saw a young buck

This morning I rode through the woods with my two dogs. It was delightfully cool after several days of oppressive heat. Coming up over the ridge, I saw a young buck standing in the dappled morning sunlight. His antlers were just velvety nubs. He looked so young. The buck stood impressively still, frozen in place […]

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