Freedom gets acupuncture

This is what an acupuncture needle looks like.

As I mentioned yesterday, Freedom is having acupuncture treatments to see if they will help with the mild hind end lameness that he’s been experiencing. I could see that acupressure massage helped him and acupuncture is supposed to have a more profound effect. Freedom was treated by Carol Gifford, a holistic veterinarian who mostly treats […]

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Acupuncture for horses

Freedom with an acupuncture needle

Ever since his lameness episode back in February, Freedom has seemed slightly off to me. Not lame, per se, but not 100%. It has manifested itself in small ways — like he was unwilling to land after a fence on the left lead or felt slightly off on small circles. My saddle fitter, who also […]

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Diagnosis by Process of Elimination

Kroni is still sick. We don’t yet know what is making him ill, but we’ve been able to eliminate a few things. He does not have Lyme or Erlychiosis. That would explain why the antibiotics did not address all of his symptoms. In contrast, my Westie looked practically as good as new after just two […]

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