Can wearables track gait symmetry?

Great Brook

Like many riders, I enjoy having a wearable that lets me track how far I’ve ridden, where I’ve gone and how long I’ve spent at different gaits. I use the free version of Equilab, and find it very accurately depicts what my horses and I have accomplished in a work out. Not to mention, it’s […]

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A Hunter Pace to Remember

The highlight of the Fall Hunter Pace season in New England is most definitely the pace event in Westport, Mass. sponsored by Norfolk Hunt Club. The pace takes you through remarkably beautiful landscape with dramatic water views. Much of the land is only open to the public for this ride. I don’t often go, because […]

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Don’t you wish they could tell us where it hurts?

Freedom hurt himself while I was away last week. On Sunday, he looked a hair off on his left hind. He was just stepping a bit short and when I looked at him, I hoped it was because the footing is so icy at the barn. Unfortunately, I am blessed with an eye for lameness […]

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