Getting Freedom Fit Again


After a long summer of growing out his hoof, Freedom finally is back under saddle. I’m taking it easy right now, mostly walking him. Or at least walking him as much as he will tolerate. It’s just as well that the “live” version of the featured photo doesn’t show all the head tossing or jigging […]

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Go Walk Your Horse

Go Walk Your Horse

I’m so glad to see people promoting one of the best things you can do with your horse — go for a long walk. It makes me feel virtuous and “in the know” as it’s one of my favorite things to do. This Facebook post says: Go walk your horse. Saddle up and go walk […]

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Fitness First

With a week of warm weather on the horizon, it’s very tempting to jump on one of my horses and have some fun. Freedom is ready. I can tell he’d like a good gallop. The problem is, the horses are soft and fluffy. They still have their winter coats and they are really not fit. […]

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Slow, long miles

Now that it feels like spring and the footing is starting to cooperate, it’s tempting to go out for a good gallop and just shout in delight about the end of winter. Freedom is a horse that keeps a base fitness level at all times. He’s a fidgeter who is constantly on the move. The […]

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