Reflecting on Friendship


Yesterday, Curly and Zelda staged a jailbreak, knocking down the electric fence and wandering through some thick brush. When the ground is frozen the electric fence doesn’t work that well, and with winter blankets to protect them, I doubt they felt much of anything. Unfortunately, Curly did not emerge unscathed. She managed to slice her […]

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Friends come in all shapes and sizes

Friends come in different shapes and sizes

Horses are herd animals, not loners, but friends come in all shapes and sizes. My first horse, Bogie, loved the barn cat. He wasn’t crazy about other horses, but I often found the cat in his stall, happy as could be while my gelding nuzzled him. Freedom loves dogs. Occasionally, he’ll find a dog that […]

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Friends forever

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that your horses prefer some horses to others . . . Zelda and Curly, for example, started mutually grooming each other very soon after they were introduced — instant BFFs. Zelda’s previous owner told me she’d never really bonded with other horses, and although Curly “gets along” with every horse […]

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Feline Friends

My first horse, Bogie, loved cats. His particular favorite was a barn cat who resided at Red Raider, a barn in Ohio that I boarded out back in the mid-90s. He was never happier than when his cat came and visited in his stall and he would nuzzle him with such gentleness. I always wondered […]

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Unlikely friends

Inter-species friendships are always a fascinating study. What makes two animals who would normally never hang out together into friends? It helps when one is young and inquisitive, but it still takes a leap of faith for the prey to befriend the predator. Click on the photo to go to the original article and the […]

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Everybody loves Curly

How could you not love Curly? She looks like a cuddly stuffed toy with her long eyelashes and Bashkir Curly coat. My daughter loved Curly when she was younger because Curly was so gentle. Horse love Curly, too — she is the “go to” horse for all our newcomers, making them feel at home. Curly […]

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