How to Fit a Full Cheek Snaffle

Fitting a Full Cheek Snaffle

The full cheek snaffle is one of my “go to” bits — I’ve used it on almost all my horses and currently, it’s my non-hunting bit for Freedom. For a moment, let’s forget about the mouthpiece and focus on the function of the cheekpieces. Full cheek snaffles are direct action bits like all snaffles. They […]

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Fitting a Loose Ring Snaffle

Fitting a loose ring snaffle

I was sorting through my bit box last week, as I’ve been selling off some of the bits that I’m unlikely to use again. Since I went bitless with my Trakehner, I have a lot of expensive bits that are now gathering dust! It got me thinking about bit sizing. There is a lot of […]

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