Farrier Services during Covid-19

Farrier Glue on Shoes

With essential businesses closing down and vets delaying non-essential services like vaccines, I’m feeling lucky that my farrier will still come to the barn. Her very reasonable request is that the horses be put on the cross ties and that she be alone with them. Zelda and Curly are easy. They are both barefoot and […]

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Freedom Channeling his Inner Munch

The Scream

Freedom got new glue on shoes today. He always yawns a lot when the farrier comes; I think the stretches feel good. Today, though, he needed a little help to get relaxed. In the process, he did a great rendition of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.  Of course, he could have just been reacting to the […]

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That Lonely Lost Shoe

Lost shoe

I guess Freedom likes his glue on shoes. Today, after months of carefully growing out his badly chipped front feet, he was going to get regular shoes. It was a milestone and financially welcome. Yesterday, he managed to shed one of his expensive glue ons and totally destry the hoof wall. I found the shoe […]

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Glue on Shoes Rule

Freedom’s got a lot of great qualities. But good feet are not among them. His hoof quality is not helped by too much rain, too much mud, too little rain, ground that’s too hard . . . you name it. Back in September of 2016 I first tried glue-on Sigafoos and I’m starting to lean […]

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Freedom’s High Tech Shoes

Freedom has had the shoes on now for about a month and so far, so good. He’s moving very well in them and they’re staying on well. One of them started to fray a bit so my farrier came back and added extra adhesive and that did the trick. The downside? They are wicked expensive. […]

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The Franken-abscess returns

Six weeks ago, Freedom blew an abscess out the heel bulb on his right front. Last Thursday, it came back with a vengeance. I had been thrilled that the horses and the barn came through Hurricane Sandy in good shape and when I rode him on Wednesday he felt great. On Thursday morning, the woman […]

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Check out Shackleford’s shoes!

Thank goodness for Fran Jurga because she brings that focus on hooves that can really help you understand an important side of the story. While I’d seen photos of Shackleford’s hooves (lots of epoxy!), here’s the interesting part. He’s wearing synthetic glue on shoes! Read the whole story here.

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