Processing Grief

Zelda the Magnificent

There’s no “right” way to grieve the loss of your horse. For me, the grief has come in waves so strong that they still take my breath away and bring tears to my eyes. I haven’t been blogging much since Zelda died. It’s been too raw, too fresh to think too much about her or […]

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Do Horses Grieve?

Years ago when I bought my first horse, Bogie, I asked the instructor at the barn why he was always turned out alone. She told me that he had bonded very strongly to another gelding and had been turned out with him for years. When the other horse died, Bogie refused to accept a substitute. […]

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My Handsome and Beloved Kronefurst Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

When I posted yesterday morning, I was cautiously optimistic about Kroni’s health. Unfortunately, when I came to check him mid-day, he was down and not able to get up. With the help of many people, including an extraordinary team from the MSPCA, we transported Kroni to Tufts for emergency care. I have never been to […]

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