Research on equestrian helmets at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab is Fully Funded

Virginia Tech Helmet Lab

It’s about time that riders have enough information to compare the safety performance of different equestrian helmets — and that’s finally going to happen now that the Virginia Tech Helmet lab has been fully funded to study equestrian helmets. More than $425,000 was raised through the collaborative efforts of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), […]

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Study shows helmets do not protect from lateral crush impact

Helmet study on side impact crush resistance

A study published in Applied Sciences suggests that current riding helmets do not prevent skull fractures in adults when crushed from the side, as may occur if a horse falls on its rider. The study team comprised Connor, Michio Clark, Pieter Brama, Matt Stewart, Aisling NĂ­ Annaidh and Michael Gilchrist, variously affiliated with University College […]

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