Feeding for Hoof Quality

Feeding for Hoof quality

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I pulled Freedom’s glue-on shoes a few weeks ago because access to my farrier will be limited until the shelter-at-home restrictions are banned. So far, the weather has been good for tender hooves (rainy) and not so great for riding. What’s important now is to give Freedom the […]

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Kroni has Happy Feet

At the end of June, my Trakehner, Kroni, lost both front shoes and quite a bit of hoof wall. It launched us on a hoof growing experiment and a prolonged stretch of having him barefoot. He lives out 24/7 and it really wasn’t feasible to try to put shoes on him if he was going […]

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Hoof Update: Durasole Helping with Sore Feet

It’s been two weeks now since Kroni officially went barefoot as we wait for his feet to grow out. Poor guy has been ouchy, for sure. But I’m relieved to see that the hoof that’s left has been holding up well. There’s no additional chipping or cracking. To him more more comfortable, I’ve been treating […]

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