How Long Before He Calms Down?


Freedom is the poster child for separation anxiety. Looking back over my blog posts, I’ve written about this before . . . always with the thought that he is “getting over it.” And he does. Kind of. For awhile. But then the anxiety comes back. When I take Zelda out for a ride I can […]

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Bring your best face to the barn: Horses take note!

Zelda studying me

It comes as no surprise to most of us that horses are extremely intuitive and react strongly to our emotions. But, did you know that horses both remember and understand your expression? The ability to read expressions across the species barrier is something previously only documented in dogs, but horses not only can read our […]

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Friends forever

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that your horses prefer some horses to others . . . Zelda and Curly, for example, started mutually grooming each other very soon after they were introduced — instant BFFs. Zelda’s previous owner told me she’d never really bonded with other horses, and although Curly “gets along” with every horse […]

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