Who Else Loved Horse Books?

For the love of horse books

I am a child of the city. Growing up in Manhattan, my horse crazy childhood days were mostly fueled by books. Not the kind of books you find in book stores today — teenage paranormal romance, anyone? Nope, I read horse books. Even today I can picture the place in the stack of my local […]

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What was your favorite horse book growing up?

I will admit that I read anything and everything that mentioned a horse. Most of them more than once. Of course I read all of the Black Stallion and Island Stallion books — who could resist the thought of riding your own black stallion in a race after being rescued from a shipwreck . . […]

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Great Horse Books (for Adults)

When I was at the library last week I found, in the library sale pile, a stack of hard cover Dick Francis mysteries for a buck a piece. I snapped them up and have been happily rereading them. I’m an avid mystery reader and if the books have an equine sub-plot, so much the better! […]

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