Ride Like A Girl movie review

Michelle Payne and Prince of Penzance after winning the Melbourne Cup featured in Ride Like a Girl

Okay, if you’re stuck in your house and desperately looking for a riding fix, dial-up Ride Like a Girl on Netflix, sit back and enjoy the ride. There are no spoilers here. You know right from the beginning that Michelle Payne becomes the first female jockey to win Australia’s Melbourne Cup in 2015. After all, […]

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What’s Your Vote for the Worst Horse Movie Ever?

As an equestrian I usually have a chuckle at the horse movies. It seems that none of the producers ever hires enough subject matter experts to keep inaccuracies from creeping in. While most family horse movies are formulaic, they can often be entertaining. Sadly the one we rented recently, “The Derby Stallion,” was entertaining only […]

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