Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Hunt

Thanksgiving is one of the “high holy days” of foxhunting. While most sane people are roasting turkeys and juggling dishes in their kitchens, foxhunters are up with the dawn, eager to get that few hours of hunting in before returning to stuff stuffing in turkeys and turn the ovens up high to make up for […]

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You Trailer, We Float

You trailer, we float

One of my readers sent me some poetry to consider for Equine Ink. I really like this one, which takes a light hearted view of the differences between US and Australian equestrians. But, it also underscores how much we all have in common. In today’s world, I think it’s important to recognize how our shared […]

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Why do I like horses?

Here’s a poem that came to me through an Internet forum.  My readers tell me the author is Rachel Stocks — here’s a link to her blog. Why do I like horses? I reckon I must be mad. My mother wasn’t horsey And neither was my dad. But the madness hit me early And it […]

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