Wrestling the Gullet into a Wintec

White vs. Red gullet

As mentioned in a previous post, Zelda grew a little too wide for her current saddle, necessitating the insertion of a wider gullet in the Wintec saddle I keep on hand. No problem, I thought. She has a Wintec Pro Jump as her back up saddle. A saddle complete with the all-too-inaccurately named “Easy Change” […]

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How hard is it to change a Wintec gullet?

I’ve owned several Wintec saddles over the years. Until now, they’ve always arrived with the right size gullet. Until this one. A few months ago I bought a Wintec Pro Jump on Ebay. I like the saddle a lot. I’d owned one before and sold it because I didn’t think the flap was forward enough […]

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