Cow Girl Up! Two-Gun Nan Aspinwall and her Amazing Cross County Trip

Nan Aspinwall and Lady Ellen

Some people just live larger than the rest of us. Nan Jeanne Aspinawall Gable Lambell, known as “Two Gun” Nan, was certainly one of them. In 1910-11, she became the first woman to ride on horseback from San Francisco to New York, covering 4496 miles and spending 180 days in the saddle. She was 31 […]

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Long Riders Guild Gives Two-Gun Nan a Thumbs Up

Move over Hidalgo. After five years of research, conducted by Mary¬†Higginbotham,¬†the Long Riders’ Guild (LRG) has confirmed that in 1910-1911 Nan Aspinwall-Gable was the first woman to ride across North America (from San Francisco to New York) alone. At the age of 31 she rode 4,496 miles in 180 days, instantly becoming the stuff of […]

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