Expanding my territory

our ride

By most objective standards, I’ve recovered from my fall. I’m riding again, I rarely feel like I’m going to lose my balance and trip, my ankle doesn’t hurt most of the time and I have almost regained the full range of motion in my shoulder. The mental aspects of recovery take longer. Hunting again was […]

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A New Relationship with Fear

Your Biggest Fear

Since my accident my relationship with fear has changed. It’s become tactile and dimensional, I can taste it and feel the coils of uncertainty sometimes tighter, sometimes looser. At its worst, my breathing gets shallow and my body tenses. Fear has boundaries. It lets me go just so far, and not a step further. I […]

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Fun . . . or fear?

I’ve seen this photo make the rounds on Facebook for quite some time. And each time I see it I can’t decide if this kid is having fun . . . or is scared out of his mind! The expression could go either way. As a parent, it worries me to see his left foot […]

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