Ancient Horse Found in Canada Reveals Oldest DNA Ever Sequenced


Scientists have sequenced the DNA of a frozen horse discovered in Canada’s Yukon Territory in 2003 and discovered the oldest DNA ever sequenced. The new methodologies used by the researchers confirmed that the genus Equus dates back more than 4 million years — twice as long as scientists previously believed. ‚ÄúPrevious to this, the oldest […]

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Another Craig’s List Gem

Who knew that you could buy your own, rare Przewalki horse for a mere $600? Only on Craig’s list! The ad says, This horse is rare if you look it up they are critically endangered and they have them in zoo’s (sic). This horse will walk up to you in the field and sometimes he […]

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Zoo Breeding Programs Save Przewalski’s Horse

Extinct in the wild since the 1970s, the rare Przewalski horse is making a comeback: not only have several foals been born in zoos this year, but a program to reintroduce the breed back into their native Mongolian habitat is showing success. The Przewalksi’s horse, pronounced pshuh-vahl-skeez (to hear the pronunciation, use this audio link […]

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