Stopping the Slip

Stopping the slip

My Sensation treeless saddle is one of the most comfortable saddles I’ve ever owned, but one of the challenges to riding in a treeless saddle is that without the rigid structure of a tree, the saddle can slip more easily. There are a few tricks to keep your saddle secure. First, of course, is to […]

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Wool only under SaddleRight Pads

Saddleright pad with wool liner

When you lay down big bucks for a saddle pad, the temptation to keep it clean is very strong. I started using a SaddleRight pad under my treeless saddle some time ago as it provides spinal clearance, it distributes pressure and doesn’t compress over time. These nifty pads run about $350 new (although you can […]

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Treeless saddles: It’s all about the saddle pad

Saddleright pad

So, you’ve bought a treeless saddle because in theory, it fits every horse — but don’t forget that in many ways, ensuring proper fit is all about the saddle pad. Treeless saddles solve a lot of saddle fitting problems. I can’t tell you how many people I see riding in saddles that are either perched […]

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Fancy Saddle Pads — are They Worth it?

Supracor pad

Although I am an admitted saddle addict, I am not a saddle pad addict. I know people who own multitudes of colors . . . have gel pads, riser pads, sheepskin pads, and correction pads. It’s come to the point where saddle pads now cost more than some of the saddles I’ve owned. I mean […]

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No Stirrups on Bareback Pads, Please

Riding bareback is fun, but — at least with my horses — adding a bareback pad makes it a lot more comfortable. The pad cushions the horse’s spine and withers, and often the pad will give you some purchase, especially if you use a pad that is made from suede. Riding bareback is great for […]

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Are Treeless Saddles for You?

Treeless saddles are all the buzz. While conventional saddles with wooden or fiberglass trees have reigned supreme for thousands of years (the first “treed” saddles appeared in 200 BC in Asia), during the last decade there has been a vocal movement toward treeless saddles. Some people claim they are more natural, a throwback to saddle […]

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